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email software

Nelson Email Organizer - NEO by Caelo Software Inc.

Put an end to 'email overload' with Nelson Email Organizer - NEO: Microsoft Outlook plug-in. Spot important emails in the daily flood. NEO automatically categorizes email messages from your correspondents separately from Bulk Mail, Ezines and Lists.

email searching organizer outlook addon spam-control automatic organization indexed exchange productivity bulk mail attachment manager plug-in instantly organize outlook email neo email overload solution

oracle software

RAMSuite OraBuilder by BIPS Ltd

It connects to Oracle versions 7 through 9i. The Program allows you to create, edit and execute project files separately and in the batch mode, and also to execute commands within a single file, using multiple windows.

oracle utility util developer sql editor project trigger package debug designed streamline oracle scripts development execution

wp software

Easy Word by Easy Software Ltd

This easy-to-use word processor includes a spelling checker, line-drawing macros, and a built-in backup system. Easy Word will batch-print odd and even pages separately for double-sided printing. There is also a secure erase facility.

wp word processor editor easy dos word processor

text editor software

Mass File Editor by AG Depsys Software Ltd.

Editor to view and process any number of files uniformly. Replaces and inserts some predefined text into a large number of files chosen by mask, processes file names as well. Allows editing automatically or each file separately and seeing the result.

text editor batch text processing edits number text files chosen mask routinely including file names

archive software

Archive & Restore by Gert Heil Software Development

Archive & Restore enables you to put away and save different versions of files and folders, search and manage archives including disks and create links to archived objects. Files are stored separately - either compressed or in their original format.

archive archiving backup save saving version versions versioning file files folder folders management manage managing manager search find gzip put away save different versions files

photo software

Fast Photo Renamer by Alexander G. Styopkin

If you are not happy about such names of your photo files as "Img_0275.jpg", "Dsc00403.jpg", you need a tool to solve this problem - it is Fast Photo Renamer. You can rename either each photo separately or all photos in a folder at once.

photo rename renamer dc digital photo

share calendar software

VisNetic GroupWare by

VisNetic GroupWare, a separately licensed component of VisNetic MailServer, allows employees to schedule meetings, invite others and enable automatic meeting reminders using Microsoft Outlook, VisNetic WebMail or any other application via an open API

share calendar share folders share contacts share tasks groupware group mail e-mail email server server pop3 imap ldap smtp mail server http web mail

dvd copy software

Xilisoft DVD Copy Express by Xilisoft Inc.

Xilisoft DVD Copy Express is a stable, fast, and easy-to-use dvd copy software and dvd burner with excellent DVD copy quality. It can entirely copy dvd movie in 1:1 ratio perfectly, compress DVD-9(dual-layer DVD) to one DVD-5 disc easily.

dvd copy dvd burner dvd clone dvd backup copy dvd movie dvd burning copy dvd backup dvd burn dvd

dupe software

Phelix by

New audio-matching program that identifies duplicate and similar-sounding songs by listening to your mp3 files and comparing the audio. Primary use is to free up memory being wasted on duplicates without being limited to data- or name-recognition.

dupe dupes dedupe itunes compare find delete remove duplicate duplicates music

flash webcam recorder software

Flash Video Recorder by Ovation IT Consulting

With our Flash Video Recorder, your Web site users can record Audio/video of themselves with their own camera. You can preview the recording before saving it to the remote web server

flash webcam recorder web cam recording webcam video recording


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