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excel software

Excel List Compare by PSP Software

This useful Excel macro will compare rows in 2 lists of data based on 1 to 3 columns in each list. Creates a new spreadsheet with matched rows from original 2 lists merged together on the same row and unmatched rows highlighted on seperate rows.

excel macro compare lists excel macro compares row equality 2 lists based 1 4 columns

picturebox software

PictureBox ActiveX Control With Inbuilt Zoom and Rotate by Abhiram Softwares Pvt Ltd

Picturebox ActiveX Control with inbuilt Zoom and Rotate functions. Relieves developers of writing seperate code for zoom and rotate fuctions. Also has inbuilt scroll bars to take care of increase in size due to zoom/rotate.

picturebox zoom rotate control activex vb auto picture box inbuilt picturebox activex control inbuilt zoom rotate functions

fit software

Burn to the Brim by Solveware

Utility for determining how to ideally fit files and folders on a CD or other medium. In almost all cases it will find near- and perfect solutions within seconds. It will optionally move each found group to a seperate directory ready for copying.

fit group batch combine file folder directory folders directories cd cdr burn cdrs mp3 optimally fits files folders cd missing link between download burn

convert software

Unit Converter by RjH Software

Easily convert between units of measurement. Features include: addition of new conversion routines; categorize and save routines in seperate files; control the format and precision of the result; automatically copy the result to the clipboard.

convert unit measurement

 fruit machine software

Inferno by Software Illusions

Inferno is based on a modern UK Fruit Machine, very similar to Las Vegas style Slot Machine. With a firey theme and great gameplay, you could be stuck in front of your PC for some time!

fruit machine slot machine slots jackpot gambling simulator casino cheats hints tips

talking email software

MailAssistant (Christmas Edition) by PPP Infotech Ltd

MailAssistant is an innovative software that notifies you of incoming e-mail messages and reads your e-mail messages as they arrive. This special Christmas Edition of MailAssistant includes cool greeting messages from an animated Santa character.

talking email speaking email notifier desktop enchancement multimedia email christmas gift santa read emails text to speech talking mail email notification sound animation email to voice text to voice email2voice text2speech desktop

domain name software

DomaiNIC by ITAZ

DomaiNIC is a speedy tool designed to generate and find good domain names easily. The smart fully customizable Domain Name Generator and the Domain Name Research Tool helps you in finding domain names that might yet be available.

domain name whois client generate whois search registered lookup research find owner domain names fast desktop tool help generate find good domain names easily

 pda software

pivique Astrology by pivique

Right from the start pivique Astrology was designed for PDA?s and is therefore especially geared to mobile demands. Among other things, we have attached particular importance to the precise calculation of the planets positions.

pda pocket pc pocketpc windows ce wince astrology horoscope zodiac ephemerides natal horoscope planets mobile computing shareware software program application ipaq ephemeris

usenet software


The ANTI-SPAM usenet picture downloader! Features include Automatic resume/restart - Integrated jpeg tester - Supports collecting and verifying with MTCM-CSV - sub-string anti-spam blacklist - yEnc support - and much more!

usenet newsreader pics pictures images jpg jpeg downloader anti-spam usenet picture downloader resume restart yenc support

journal software

Forever Journal by WMHSOFT

Co-designed by a Mental Health Professional and an award winning windows developer, Forever Journal is multi-faceted journaling software that is secure and password protected.

journal writing diary forever journal multi-faceted journaling software secure password


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