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ServiceKeeper by Active+ Software

Administration, Monitoring and Recovery of any networked resources (Windows Services, TCP/IP Services, web servers, routers, file systems, Process memory and CPU usage, Event Log, ...) and notifcation in case of downtime (email, SMS, phone call, ...)

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Service+ by Active+ Software

Windows NT/2000 Services administration Start, Stop and Restart multiple service at the same time Edit all service properties (Startup, Account, Dependencies, Name, Path, etc.) Simultaneously edit multiple service properties (Startup, Account)

service services nt admin administration remote network server control panel

service software

FireDaemon by Sublime Solutions Pty Ltd

FireDaemon lets you install and run any native Win32/64-bit application or script as a Windows service. Among the key features is easy configuration via GUI or XML, service monitoring, low memory footprint, fault tolerance and high availability.

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