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ssh software

AbsoluteTelnet by Celestial Software

Fast 32-bit telnet with SSH1, SSH2, TAPI Dialup and direct COM port access. Solid emulation gives AbsoluteTelnet the edge, along with SOCKS Proxy, session logging, Color/Font settings, port forwarding, X11 forwarding, and a host of terminal options.

ssh ssh1 ssh2 telnet ssh client utf8 telnet client x11 xterm free vt220 terminal emulator ssh1 client ssh2 client secure shell client xmodem ymodem zmodem socks tapi com vt100 passthru

telnet software

CSTelnet by Celestial Software

Fast 32-bit telnet also with SSH, TAPI Dialup and direct COM port access. Solid VT100 gives CSTelnet the edge, along with SOCKS Proxy, session logging, Passthru printing, Color/Font settings, and a host of terminal options.

telnet ssh secure shell client xmodem ymodem zmodem socks tapi com vt100 passthru passthrough shareware telnet client ssh tapi dialup comm port access vt100 passthru printing

free software

RightFTP by RightSoft, Inc.

Free easy to use, yet feature-rich FTP tool with firewall support, multithreaded data transfer, FTP sessions logging, ability to queue FTP commands and many interface enhancements that make uploading files on the Internet as easy as never before.

free ftp client multi threaded dragndrop resume download upload transfers easy passive firewall easy yet feature-rich ftp tool dragndrop firewall support

wyse software

WiseTerm Telnet/Serial (32-bit) by John Popplewell

Win32 emulation of Wyse 50/50+/60 terminals. Part of the WiseTerm suite of telnet/serial emulators. Features:programmable keyboard;status line; key labels; editing; up to 132x43 display ; char, line, page attributes; full split-screen support;

wyse terminal emulator serial telnet wy50 wy50 wy60 win32 emulates wy50 50 60 terminals part suite telnet serial emulators

athletic software

TrainingLog by OTAG Technologies Ltd

Training Log is a Mac OS X and OS 9 application for storing and reviewing your athletic training. It is designed for use by multi-sport athletes, such as triathletes, but can be used equally well by single-sport athletes, such as cyclists and runners

athletic training running cycling swimming triathlon session log log review athletic training sessions graphs tables

stocks software

PAM - the Pocket Asset Manager by SynchSoftware

PAM - The Pocket Stock and Asset Manager makes updating your stock portfolio a breeze. Either in the cradle or wirelessly connected, PAM uses your existing Internet connection and efficiently retrieve stock quotes from North American exchanges.

stocks options quotes account finance invetment portfolio exchange market pam pda broker pam pocket stock asset manager makes stock portfolio breeze

remote software

Zilab Remote Console Server by Zilab Software

Zilab Remote Console Server, as its name implies, is an advanced and convenient remote access server for Windows XP/2000/NT that works with console-based and DOS legacy applications. It features multiple user support and runs as a network service.

remote access server for windows xp-2000-nt remote access server windows xp 2000 nt console-based applications


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