Sexual Software

xxx tycoon software

XXXTycoon by Zeus Data Image enr

In the game your in charge of your movements, spending, earning, learning and your sex destiny... Visit the city of XXX Tycoon and explore each commerce?s which hold lots of suprises and sexual rewards.

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e-books software

Awakening by E-dition

A work of fiction in the genre of horror. A long dormant creature awakens in the depths of a small lake to wreak terror and violence on a small town. A spellbinding tale of eroticism and horror.

e-books e-dition e-book monster murder beast love horror suspense detective erotism picture perfect lake hides long dormant beast awakening today

security software

Security Forms by Security Landing

Collection of security and human resources related forms including; Absentee report, Acknowledgment of receipt of company property, Applicant information release, Attendance record, Cash over short log, Checklists for handling workers, etc.

security human resources forms safety loss prevention over 70 forms security human resources

victoria software

Victoria Woman Calendar by Executive property investment Inc

Calendar, diary, reminder and keeps track of women menstrual cycle. The Calendar predicts the future menstrual cycles and ovulation periods , and it make possible for you to plan important events, vacation, travel, wedding and intercourse.

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sexual pursuits software

Sexual Pursuits by RWF Talking Software - Adult Games Division

This game features many different fetishes and is fully configurable. It is reputed to be the best adult erotic game available on the internet today. The free download allows you to see for yourself why this is so.

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spy software

SpyAnytime PC Spy by Keylogger Spy Software

Allows you to secretly monitor and record all activities of computer users with just a simple click, e.g. keystroke, email, online chat, password, web site, and take screen snapshot at set intervals but does NOT require you to have advanced computer

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jokes software

HumorSearch IE Joke Bar (IE Toolbar) by

Humor, jokes, funny images and more is only a simple click away with this free Internet Explorer Toolbar.

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lock computer software

Lock Webpages 2004 by WinGuard Pro Team

Lock Web Pages can lock out internet sites that you do not want users accessing. It comes with some websites build-in that block sexually explicit content, but you can add more of you own. It can also stop people installing new programs.

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personology software

Digital Physiognomy by UNIPHIZ Lab

Looking for a software both entertaining and enlightening? Digital Physiognomy reads person's face and tells you about the secret character traits of the individual. Don't trust it? Download the free evaluation version and try your own face.

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spymypc software

SpyMyPC PRO by Benutec Software, INC

The number one solution if you want to know what others are doing on your own computer while you are not at home (or office). Logs all keystrokes, applications, windows, websites, internet connections, passwords, chat conversations.

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