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open software

FolderBox by BAxBEx Software

FolderBox is an free extension for Windows Explorer. It displays additional folders in the lower part of Explorer, which enables you to display the contents of two or more folders at once! You can use FolderBox also inside Internet-Explorer.

open file folder filemanager explorer explorer extension shell extension internet explorer plugin file managment web browser plug-in shell enhancement add-in file utilities folderbox displays additonal folders inside windows internet-explorer

winwinner software

WinWinner by rGyani

WinWinner is a system configuration or 'tweaking' utility that allows you to fine-tune, configure, and personalize hundreds of Windows 95/98/98SE/ME setings. It covers a wide range of options that give you a complete command over your system

winwinner system tweaking performance booster shell enhancements internet utility explorer tweaking start-menu tweaking winwinner system configuration tweaking utility

command creator software

Command Creator by jiiSoft

Command Creator will help you create run-commands for use in the Start Menu´s Run dialog. The commands can launch programs, open folders, run files and launch URL´s. Get fast access to your favorite folders in Open/Save dialogs and Explorer.

command creator fast folders run dialog access right click shell enhancement explorer url files instant quick launch desktop start menu security windows xp run jii

alpha software

Lucid by Xenos Software

Lucid will add automatic transparency effects to any window. Adding a window is as simple as dragging an icon over it. Once a window is added to Lucid's list it will automatically switch between the user defined minimum and maxium transparency.

alpha transparent windows shell enhancement cool gui graphics lucid will add automatic transparency effects window

system tray software

Active Captions by Shelltoys Inc.

Active Captions is a handy utility that extends window''s caption buttons with additional features. Right mouse button click on minimize button minimizes the window into the system tray.

system tray minimize to tray rollup window stay on top winshade hotkey. shell enhancement extension

desktool software

Desktop Collection by MetaProducts Corporation

Desktop Collection combines everything you need for convenient computer operation and control into one economical package. System tools give you enhanced control over your system startup, convenient system tray access to your favorite applications an

desktool toolbar tool bar utilities desktop metaproducts system tray shell enhancement

window software

Actual Window Rollup by Actual Tools

Minimize windows so only title bars remain visible. This is better than minimizing them to icons. You won't have to hunt for the windows you were using! Mix manual and automatic controls to your preferences.

window rollup unroll minimize roll up windows windows manager roll shell enhancement desktop enhancement windows desktop taskbar icon shell roll unroll windows minimize them title bars remain visible

folder express software

Folder Express by Huang He

Folder Express helps you instantly jump to your frequently used folders in Windows Explorer, folder windows, Browse Folder dialogs or Open/Save File dialogs. You need not move through all the drives and folders to go where you want any more.

folder express access folders change folder launcher explore folder open folder browse folder favorite folder shell tool weedstudio weedsoft jump favorite folders instantly wherever

trayicon software

TrayIcon Menu by MetaProducts Corporation

TrayIcon Menu allows you to launch all your favorite programs from a vertical menu located in the system tray. It provides for network support. The network administrator can control the contents of this menu over his entire network.

trayicon explorer desktop utility utilities wingo system tray shell enhancement windows explorer taskbar quick launch quickly launch favorite programs menu located system tray

trayicon software

TrayIcon Standard by MetaProducts Corporation

TrayIcon Standard lets you easily add, edit, delete, and re-order your application icons in the system tray. Other features include: security, foreign language support, Windows Explorer context menu support, sound, and much more.

trayicon system tray icon shell enhancement utility utilities taskbar launch quick fast works pro traymenu ocx trayshortcuts shortcuts


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