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winhki software

WinHKI Business by WinHKI

Finance software for entrepreneur, household and hobby. Modules: - Balance (in month) - Receipts - Issues - Shopping list - Article management - Account / Spot - Typewriter course - Addresses - VAT - calculator

winhki business finanzen

grocery list software

Make-a-List Shoppers Helper by Carterware

Quickly point-and-click to create your grocery shopping list from a customizable, searchable product file. Create and modify product categories. Custom print lists for shopping. Calculate your shopping list cost. Screen high fat, carbohydrates.

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cookbook software

Shop'NCook Cookbook Reader for Mac by Rufenacht Innovative

Shop'NCook Cookbook Reader is a free software to read the cookbooks created with Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager software. View the recipes of the cookbooks and search them by title and categories, print recipe cards.

cookbook cookbooks recipe recipes cooking food free organizer database cook book books kitchen

food software

PDACookbook Plus by WakefieldSoft, LLC

PDACookbook? is your total recipe and cookbook software for Palm OS® handhelds, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handhelds, and Windows PCs! If you have a handheld, carry your recipes, menu planner, and shopping list with you for fast and convenient use.

food menu shopping health nutrition diet exercise meals cookbook palm pocket pc mealmaster mastercook

mylistmate software

MyListMate by Castle Software Ltd

A clever and easy-to-use grocery shopping list manager which will help you prepare and budget for your grocery shopping.

mylistmate grocery list budget store supermarket helps prepare

shopping software

Shop 'Til You Drop by SpanSoft

Supermarket shopping assistant. Create your weekly shopping list in the order that you walk round the aisles. Do you ever forget an item or have to go around again for something you missed? Not with a shopping list printed from Shop 'Til You Drop.

shopping groceries

shopping software

SmartShopper by ZeroMassEngine

Smart Shopper is a small database program intended to facilitate the efforts of those people who wish to spend their money more effectively when it comes to shopping - whether it be for groceries, computers, clothing or whatever.

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organizer software

Always On Time by BPS SoftWare Inc.

Fast, simple-to-use calendar and task list to help you create reminders, alarms, and multiple to-do lists. Always On Time's small graphical calendar features custom event icons and easy-to-use reminder options.

organizer calendar reminders alarms planner tasks lists pim to-do timers personal desktop reminder fast small easy

reminders software

Gifts 'n Reminders by ProVariant Software

Turn your PC into a reminder service, with Gifts 'n Reminders! Features include: reminders for birthdays and special occasions, monthly calendars, gift planning, purchase histories, personal profiles, shopping lists, budget reports, and much more.

reminders gifts presents birthdays holidays gift ideas gift lists gift planners clothing wish list anniversaries turn pc service

cooking software

SoftCuisine by MediaWeb

SoftCuisine is a simple and complete package for storing recipes. It handles planning meals, creating shopping lists and can store information on individual ingredients. SoftCuisine 2 is free to use.

cooking softcuisine free simple keeper


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