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ftp software

ftp 4 webmasters by SoftwareMeister

downloads, decompresses and processes webhost generated data files (e.g. logfiles files) at preset times. Synchronizes local files with one click. Pages are available to visitors during upload. Uses encryption to store the ftp parameters.

ftp download upload website synchronization logfiles downloads decompresses processes logfiles syncs local copies 1 click

research organisation customer project software

Organisation Research by Graphicalic

Organisation Research give you the perfect broad view of your research projects and store all information for easy access. Save all informations about organisations, researches and projects in a solution that help you to work smarter.

research organisation customer project manager management question answer contact examination inquiry poll survey investigation get perfect broad view research project management contacts

visual basic software

Shorty by NaTCH Engineering

Shorty analyses Visual Basic forms identifying duplicate shortcuts and lonely little controls that have no shortcut. When these confused or lost souls are found shortcuts are suggested, or changes in other controls that will free a suitable shortcut.

visual basic shortcut analysis shortcuts shortcut short cuts short cut shorty analyses visual basic forms identifying duplicate missing shortcuts

hits counter software

Website Hits Counter by SuperSearch Inc

See how much traffic you website is getting with this easy to install website hits counter. No cgi needed!

hits counter counter website hits counter java java script webmaster tools see how traffic website getting easy install

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