Shredding Software

file software

File Own Guard by Thegrideon Software

File Own Guard designed for strong file encryption with multi-choice compression on the fly by a range of crypto-algorithms, secure file removal (shredding) using one of the eight special algorithm (DoD, military or government approved).

file encryption folder protection deletion removing aes mars rc6 serpent twofish file folder encryption tool secure data removal tool

shred software

Shred XP by Gale-Force Software

Using over a dozen government and industry-proven shredding methods, Shred XP returns control to you by securely deleting current files, previously 'deleted' files, the recycle bin, drive free space, file tips, names, dates, sizes.

shred shredxp secure delete evidence eliminator eraser privacy expert shredder remove securely delete traces current files previously deleted files

exterminator software

File Exterminator by Malcolm Lim

File Exterminator is basically a file shredding utility that will delete files and overwrite it multiple times to prevent file recovery. You can choose to shred multiple files across subdirectories or to shred a single file.

exterminator shred shredder delete erase eraser file simple file utility capable single multiple files

basta software

Deletor by Basta Computing, Inc.

Deletor helps you keep your disks clean by deleting or shredding files corresponding to file name patterns or extensions that you specify. Deletor also has support for custom filter packs, file date filtering, and command line access.

basta deletor delete shred purge clean disk batch backup files remove cache destroy tmp command line recursively

file software

The Shredder by ZeroMassEngine

File shredder - destroys files. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS APPLICATION! It can permanently destroy files on your hard drive

file shred shredder paper destroy secure security delete kill document erase permanent word perfect edit editor business free shareware software freeware program win32 app

rename software

Single & Multi-File Renamer by Malcolm Lim

The Single & Multi-File Renamer is a relatively easy to use file renaming utility. You can either rename a single file or rename multiple files across a single directory by running the appropriate program.

rename renaming multi-file renaming multiple file renaming simple file utility capable renaming single multiple files

archive software

Multi-ZIP-licity by Softuarium

Multi-ZIP-licity is a program for processing multiple ZIP files. It extracts files from multiple archives and creates multiple archives. Extra tools allow to encrypt and decrypt files, list folders as text, change attributes and shred files.

archive multizip multiunzip zipping unzipping encryption decryption security multiple zip files extraction creation extra security tools included

encryption software

EDCrypt by Softuarium

EDCrypt is an ActiveX control performing following functions: - encrypts and decrypts data using 6 strong symmetrical block ciphers - computes message digests of data using 18 hashing algorithms - securely shreds files

encryption decryption hashing message digest security cryptography cipher data encryption computing message digests file activex control

surfsecret software

SurfSecret Privacy Protector by SurfSecret Software

SurfSecret Privacy Protector protects your privacy from employers, family, and friends. As you surf the web, pictures and text get stored on your hard disk, creating a mirror image of your surfing experience. SurfSecret Privacy Protector periodically

surfsecret surf in privacy surf anonymous surf in privacy surf secret clear index-dat clear internet history eliminate evidence surfsecret privacy protector protects privacy

encryption software

Wincph by Yuxue.Tu

file encryption tool.It protect the privacy of your sensitive files and e-mail messages by encrypting them with the highest level of security.Includes hides them within a graphic file. It is integrated into Windows Context Menu.

encryption security file encryption encrypt directories encrypt folders encryption utilities encryption algorithms 256 bit encryption file protection aes des triple-des rijndael file deletion file security file encryption tool file hide tool


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