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screensaver software

3D_Points Screensaver by All-Sweets

Represents association of the abstract 3D-objects weaved from set of points. Objects vaguely similar to sea inhabitants. A certain similarity of a jellyfish (behaves accordingly), the sea snake, some sea hedgehogs ...

screensaver 3d screensaver screen saver download abstract represents association abstract 3d-objects weaved set points

image comparison software

Image Comparer by Bolide Software, Inc

With Image Comparer you can easily locate all duplicates in your image collection and delete only duplicates with less quality. Finally you'll get an image pairs list with similarity percentage. Take a look at screenshot to understand better.

image comparison image utility image duplicate duplicate locator duplicate finder image similarity fast easy duplicate images finder calculates similarity percentage

teacher tools software

Cheat Checker by Nine-Patch Software

The Cheat Checker looks for similar answer sheets or presumptive cheating. It then examines the uniqueness of each pair with respect to the entire class. A significant finding for uniqueness and presumptive cheating is labeled confirmed.

teacher tools cheat cheating plagiarize scrutiny scrutinize inspect examine cheat checker checks similarity uniqueness paired answer sheets

fractal software

Fractal Fantasy by WiseHuman Software

Fractal Fantasy is a wonderful, easy to use utility for drawing self-similar graphics. It offers you a very simple but powerful method to draw realistic or artistic fractal objects such as leaves, trees, grasses or various fantastic things else.

fractal fantasy self-similar self-similarity chaos attractor draw paint graphics picture wonderful easy utility drawing self-similar graphics

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