Simplexparser Software

you can evaluate mathematical formulas software

SimplexParser by Dipl.-Phys.-Ing. Ralf Wirtz

SimplexParser is used to get the most out of Formula Parsing. With it, you can evaluate mathematical formulas, draw graphs and program with very simple VBScript. SimplexParser is a sophisticated calculation application.

you can evaluate mathematical formulas editor vbscript engine

traffic shaper software

JDSoft Bandwidth Manager by JDSoft

By monitoring your network traffic and limiting the bandwidth, the software increases the network efficiency immediately with a reduction in your overall bandwidth requirement while allowing business-critical network applications to run smoothly.

traffic shaper bandwidth controller bandwidth management limiter bandwidth shaper filter ruler network qos

data recovery software

BitMart Restorer2000 Data Recovery by BitMart Hard Drive Data Recovery

Restorer2000 is a powerful data recovery software and undelete tool that allows you to recover a file or a folder, unformat, unerase, restore and undelete data from an NTFS or FAT partition, even if it is deleted. It is an easy data recovery solution

data recovery data recovery software undelete recover recovery restore unerase unformat deleted restorer ntfs fat data software file drive disk easy partition program file recovery disaster recovery easy and recovery undelete file hard disk recovery

web based software

VersaOHS by VersaDev

versaOHS has been specifically designed, in consultation with industry-recognized OH&S consultants, to automate your Occupational Health and Safety reporting and management services.

web based thin client browser based health safety management case management issue management hazards incidents employee safety

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