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organizer software

ClockNote by UpClock Software

ClockNote is a skinable HTML-based personal information manager that helps you organize your business and plan your personal life. It's a planner, notepad and address book combined in one powerful application.

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delphi software

AlphaControls by ArtTech software

A package of standard and unique skinable VCL's for professional UI design developmet using "AlphaSkins". AlphaControls is an easy-to-use universal and powerful tool for developing original skinned and non-skinned business/media applications.

delphi vcl skin alpha blended gradient interface skinned components ui design building applications delphi advanced alphablend shadow borders blending grayed gradient transparent pagecontrol themes

x software

X Clock by TroneeX

X Clock is a desktop skinable alarm clock. It can play music, open document, run command and shows a message at time you needs. Try shareware version of X Clock (you can download it on our site). It will be a good toy for your Windows desktop.

x clock troneex alarm destop utilites clock desktop alarm clock will be good toy desktop

outlook software

MAPInotify: Shadow of Power! by Silmaril Software

MAPInotify: Shadow of Power! is an advanced skinable mail-checker utility that can monitor unlimited number of mailboxes, IMAP4 folders or any Microsoft Exchange folders and notify you in any number and combination of ways.

outlook exchange checker monitor mapi cdo pop3 imap4 http hotmail advanced mapinotify shadow power advanced mail-checker utility

desktop software

Ace Clock XP by ECREW Developers

Ace clock is a skinable transparent desktop clock with organizer and stickers, skins support, atomic internet time synchronization, fully customizable "see through" display and convenient interface, it is designed to suit any and all your needs

desktop organizer clock sticker synchronization alarm calendar transparent skins free web atomic shell schedule speak organize

piramidka software

Piramidka by Piotr Chodzinski

Piramidka (Pyramid in Polish) is a very fun to play solitaire-like game based on a classical board game with the same name. It doesn't have big requirements so it can be played on any PC. Fully skinable. Comprehensive help included.

piramidka pyramid solitaire game free logical game solitaire game games postcardware skins domino blocks cards fun solitaire-like game based classical one played domino blocks

game software

Trigames by Mophy Software

A fun and addictive set of 12 different puzzle games for you to enjoy for hours on end! Each game is totally different so you are sure to find one you love! Trigames is fully skinable, features animation and your high scores are saved.

game games puzzle puzzles action tetris block blocks snake snake flip push worm tririx swap move stick

bookmark software

CornerStone iBrowser by CornerStone Software Solutions

CornerStone iBrowser is a skinable multi-page browser with all the features of Microsoft Internet Explorer and has enhanced tools for Internet surfing. It enables you to surf multiple Web pages simultaneously and speeds up site navigation.

bookmark utilities web internet explorer netscape navigator opera browsers skinnable multi-page browser enhanced tools web surfing

flashcards software

Virtual FlashCards by Alai Productions

Create and organize sound, picture or text FlashCards. Then use "smart" study options to optimize study time and enhance memorization. Also includes ability to print, import, share and FlashCards in an easy to use skinable user interface.

flashcards flash card memorize memory study learn create organize share print study multimedia flashcards

calculator software

PG Calculator by Piotr Gridniew

Scientific multifunction skinable calculator for Windows. Operates in three working modes: algebraic, RPN and standard. Works with real and complex numbers. Allows vector manipulations. Recognizes binary, octal and hexedecimal number's format

calculator algebra rpn mathematic scientific multifunction calculator windows


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