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image software

UniView by Binary Soft, Inc.

UniView is a powerful image viewer, converter and manipulation tool. It support 50+ most popular image formats. It also intergates many functions, including encrypt images,batch convert and rename image files, animation controls and html album maker.

image view convert encrypt rename animate html album bmp tga png pcx tiff jpeg gif wmf emf ico pbm pgm ppm pcd dxf plt psp

autocad slide software

CADSlide by Etecad

Windows application for managing Autocad Slides (SLD), Slide Libraries (SLB) and Hatch Patterns (PAT). CADSlide allows to view slides or patterns without AutoCAD,to print graphically complete libraries and even make Adobe PDF files out of them.

autocad slide slide library sld slb pat slide library management hatch pattern

file manager software

EFM - Etecad File Manager by Etecad

All-in-one solution for managing CAD & Image files/archives. Fast viewing of complete directories and files in variety formats; complete file-manager and files manipulation tools. Front-end to AutoCAD/Intellicad, blocks, batch processor, PDF tools

file manager autocad workflow accelerant dwg viewer block manager batch processor thumbnail plt pdf line merge

solidworks software

GStarICAD Std by Great Star Software Technology Co.,Ltd

GStarICAD is the geniune CAD drawing software based on IntelliCAD,and it is 99% idential to AutoCAD but with a competitive price.GStarICAD offers a 30days free tryout after free download this software

solidworks autocad intellicad progecad turbocad cadopia zwcad autodsys cadian bricscad solidedge

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