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sniffer software

SMB File Sniffer by microOLAP Technologies LTD

SMB File Sniffer is a powerful network security utility for logging SMB files operations and capturing file bodies, transmitted within a LAN.

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netsend software


Fomine NetSend is a package that contains two utility tools for sending messages via SMB protocol. This first tool NetSend.exe is a console application. The second utility tool NetSendGUI.exe has a simple and user-friendly visual interface.

netsend net send winpopup messenger lan instant messaging communication netsend simple user-friendly visual interface

netbios scanner software

xSharez scanner by Tools For .Net, LLC.

xSharez scanner is a multithreaded NetBIOS/SMB scanner designed for both network administrators and users interested in the network security issues.

netbios scanner lan scanner smb scanner security scanner multithreaded netbios smb security scanner

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