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charlie software

Charlie II by Wiering Software

Smooth scrolling platform game about a cute little duck. Collect coins and diamonds, jump on enemies and dive into the water to find hidden areas!

charlie mario platform game duck action side scroller smooth scrolling wiering software mike wiering mario-style action game about cute duck collect coins diamonds

song software

ShowNak by Complete Software Solutions

Song, message and bible display software that is easy to use and very easy to read especially with smooth scrolling (like TV credits). It automatically displays songs and presentations in the format you have set and changing this is fast and easy.

song bible smooth scroll verse presentation slides image projector school church teach sing message easy easy view software church song message bible display

imageviewer cp  software

ImageViewer CP by Viscom Software

Rotate and zoom the image easily. Export Image to JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG according to your chosen size of display area. Support loading Multi-Page Image File(TIF)

imageviewer cp rotate and zoom the image easily. export image to jpeg gif bmp tiff png according to your chosen size of display area. support loading multi-page image file tif

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