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email software

MailMailer by softSWOT

Compact easy to use server (web) based email mailer. Send newsletters to your clients, contact your staff, send one email or many. All you need is a browser, and a web server that supports php scripting (included on most commercial servers).

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investment analysis software

Investment Analysis Software by softSWOT

Easily analyze the performance of any investment to maximize returns. Compare and forecast investment performance, determine net worth and income streams, identify buy / sell indicators, make informed investment and retirement planning decisions.

investment analysis software investment analysis investment analysis analyze performance investment performance investment plan investment planning forecast retirement planning investment software personal investment investment review easily analyze performance investment maximize returns

form software

Form1 by softSWOT

Single file customizable web form and form to email processor. One file contains your form, form processor, and form confirmation page. Your delivery email address is hidden and cannot be harvested by spam mailing lists or viruses.

form process web form internet form form processor autoresponder single file customizable internet form form processor hidden email address

form software

Form1 Builder by softSWOT

Form1 Builder runs in your web browser and allows you to easily build any web form. It applies the base Form1 structure to provide a single file form (no cgi) with a hidden email delivery address and an extensive range of benefits and options.

form build builder form builder web form builder form creation build forms internet form1 easily build single file internet forms hidden emails extensive options no cgi

goldmine software

Form1 Builder GoldMine by softSWOT

Automatically add form submission data directly to your GoldMine database. You can also specify the full range of GoldMine functions including running duplication checks and automatic processes.

goldmine webimport goldmine webimport goldmine database webimport goldmine form goldmine database goldmine webimport form goldmine database form web form builder form1 goldmine database webimport function import form submission data

mysql software

Form1 Builder MYSQL by softSWOT

Easily easily build web forms that can automatically import form data directly into your MYSQL Database.

mysql mysql database import mysql form mysql web form import mysql database form web form builder form1 automatically import internet form submission data directly mysql database

source software

Source Viewer by softSWOT

Source Viewer is a php coded web page allowing you to display the html and php source code of files on your server directly in a browser. It's free of charge.

source view source view source viewer web page code php view view code view source view php source code display php code display php code php source display highlight internet page source code including html php code

sitemap software

SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator by softSWOT

SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator, is a php based generator for Google, RSS, HTML and Text site maps. It includes a range of configurable variables and can be run as an online form for Static SiteMaps or to create real time Dynamic SiteMaps.

sitemap dynamic site map dynamic sitemap site map sitmap generator site map generator sitemap form sitemap software google site map sitemap xml rss site map html site map text site map yahoo site map

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