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Cheat Solitare by Super Win Software, Inc.

Winning Solitare just got Easier This game plays just like Windows' Solitare with one exception. You can cheat. See and play face down cards. Unlimited undo and draw. Statistics. Never lose at Solitare again.

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solitare software

In The Round by Lazy Dog Software

In The Round is a Card game that takes the concept of solitaire one step further and requires some strategy to win. You can play Single or Double Deck as well as Normal and Las Vegas Style Scoring.

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Cribbage Squares Solitaire by DARTCY productions

Cribbage Squares Solitaire is played by building the best possible hands in both the rows and columns. Cards are dealt one at a time. Hands are scored by traditional cribbage rules. Many helpful and fun features included.

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Lochness Solitaire by Haversack Software

The quick-thinking, high-scoring solitaire game where you race against the clock for extra points while trying to nab the Loch Ness Monster! Plus optional sound effects, background music and a high score list. Download your copy of Lochness today!

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Freecell3D by Amber Mango

For too long computer card games have looked flat and boring, but no more. Freecell 3D is just like playing cards for real. The latest advances in 3D graphics give you richly detailed, colorful cards on realistic tables.

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Word Solitaire by Haversack Software

Word games for one! Word Solitaire is a collection of 30 challenging single-player word games, including solitaire variations of your favorite board games, word-based versions of FreeCell, Pyramid and Tetris, and many more fun and original games.

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Solitaire Piknic by NorthStar Solutions

This unique (and very addicting) version of solitaire is guaranteed to fascinate and challenge you time and time again. It carefully strikes a balance between chance and strategy, rewarding both novice and skilled players alike.

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solitaire software

Poker Mania by NorthStar Solutions

This FREE computer game simulates all the fun and action of Vegas-style video poker machines. Its friendly interface is very easy to use and sports both visual and sound effects to enhance your playing experience.

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solitaire software

Poker Challenge by NorthStar Solutions

An exciting blend of poker and solitaire rolled into one very addicting game. As in poker (and especially solitaire), there is an element of chance; but it will quickly become apparent that much more than luck is required for winning.

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Solitaire Online by

Solitaire is a one-player game that takes patience.Solitaire Online brings you to the most basic version of solitaire. This program is uses flash technology and can be played using your current web browser.

online solitaire solitaire one-player game takes patience

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