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laboratory software

BioPort by Manfred Maier, EDV Dienstleistungen

BioPort - The info portal for the biomedical lab Here you will find useful links about the theme "The biomedical lab". The browser portal offers additionally some further useful functions not provided by your default browser.

laboratory biomedicine genetics biochemistry biology biolinks information portal browser bioport biology links

tribal software

Tribal Trouble by Oddlabs ApS

Tribal Trouble is a fast-paced realtime strategy game where your job is to lead your cartoonish and somewhat clueless kinsmen (be it Vikings or Natives) to new discoveries and victories as tribal clashes rage across tropical and northern islands.

tribal trouble realtime strategy game oddlabs

screen software

3D Chains by Bright Bug Software

Watch as strands of linked shapes are drawn on the screen at lightning speeds. They will intertwine, twist, spin, change color, and change direction. Some options for this screen saver include: Color options, link types, and fog generation.

screen savers shapes graphic animation shareware opengl video strands linked shapes drawn screen lightning speeds

estimating software

Methvin | Estimating Software by Methvin

Methvin is a user friendly estimating software product. Some of its features include the ability to break down tasks into sub-bills tasks, the ability to lock tasks independently to allow for imbalanced rates and produce invitation to tender letters.

estimating software construction estimating freeware cost estimating freeware cost estimating software bidding software job cost software job cost methvin construction estimating software construction management software estimation software construction estimating software ms access database shareware

desktop fun 1.0 software

Desktop Fun by

Do you like jokes or to fool others ? Then, this program is for you. Choose deskop effect - it will be shown in preview window. You can choose some effects to run. Just select them with mouse.

desktop fun 1.0 desktop fun desktop fun 1.0 desktop fun desktop effects desktop play

demessenger software

DeMessenger by Whirlwind Software

Have you ever received a popup spam from "Messenger Service"? Some people receive dozens per day! This simple freeware utility puts an immediate and permanent stop to Messenger Service spam popups!

demessenger messenger service spam blocker tool stop messenger service spam demessenger tool

to do list software

Is There Something to Do? by Altstone Software

World's second best organizer after good old paper and pencil! ITSD Organizer (stands for 'Is There Something To Do') is brain-dead simple, unbelievably efficient and works even for incredibly dysfunctional unorganized individuals (no kidding).

to do list to-do list task manager tasks list day planner daily planner organizer personal information manager notes events calendar reminder software pim task tasks email check brain-dead simple unbelievably efficient task organizer

juicy software

Juicy Puzzle by Alive Games

Are you a puzzle gourmet, looking for some delicious entertainment? Lucky you! Get JuicyPuzzle and feed your hunger for succulent, fun and engaging games. Simple rules, intuitive gameplay and rockin' sound track! 100% FREE download, better hurry!

juicy puzzle free bejeweled game looking some delicious entertainment get juicypuzzle feed hunger

activex software

WSH.GUI by Computron Inc.

Your dialog will create by means of scripts, which are ASCII text files with a format somewhat similar to .RC files. (No, it's not as complicated as you might be thinking!) You can make some dialog window and you can use this dialog in your prog

activex dialog window resource vbscript jscript hta gui scripting host html applications hta

screen software

EZ Screen Capture by eXibition Software

Ever find yourself needing to take a snapshot of your desktop? Perhaps you need technical support with something on the screen, or you need to capture something to include in a document, such as the screen shots used in help files.

screen capture screenshot image screen capture screen image ez screen capture utility capture screen shots 3 clicks


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