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spam software

UseBestMail Personal Edition by Signal Trading LLC

Immediately Block 100% of spam from your inbox. Uses whitelist, challenge-response and preview. Keeps email born viruses, spyware and malware on the server where they can do you no harm. Has a spam-free channel nobody else offers. Any UseBestMai

anti challenge response spam antispam blocker filter whitelist

spam filter software

Spam Bully for Outlook Express 5/5.5/6 by Spam Bully

Spam Bully 2.0 Outlook Express spam filter uses Bayesian intelligence to quickly learn what you consider spam and not spam. Friends/Spammers lists, blocking by country/language, Allow/Block phrases, bounce spam, customizable language interface.

artificial intelligence internet domains outlook express spam bully spammers realtime blackhole

anti-spam software

Spam Alarm for POP3 by Dignity Software

Spam Alarm 2.0 is an anti-spam and junk e-mail filtering tool that is designed to prevent unwanted mail from your POP 3 accounts. Spam Alarm 2.0 works directly with POP3 servers.

filter updates mail spam standalone application false positives email client spam filters

spam software

MailTalkX by SoftByte Labs.

A SPAM filtering and an email monitoring utility, it supports multiple mailboxes, allows you to check each mailbox automatically at specified intervals and can notify you of new mail with pop-up messages, sound clips and video clip, spell check + mor

menus new mail mailboxes video clips spell checker email monitoring

mail server software

No Spam Today! Pro - Spam Filter for Mail Servers by Paessler GmbH

SMTP proxy server based spam filter that sits between the internet and your mail server. Incoming mail is accepted from the open internet, checked for spam, and is then delivered to your existing SMTP mail server.

internet server email spam installation easy email proxy

anti software

Elgr anti-spam for Outlook Express by

Elgr sits between the e-mail reader and the internet, checking e-mail as it is received. Spam is automatically moved to the deleted items folder. Elgr is free, effective and very easy to use. Works with Outlook Express.

express outlook mail anti-spam pmmail spam filter

spam filter software

Official Spam Filter for MS Outlook by

Official Spam Filter for Microsoft Outlook shall filter the unwanted Spam Emails, Fraud Emails and Phishing Emails from Microsoft Outlook using Bayesian Filter Algorithm and extensive use of White List and Black list of domains and email ids

filter algorithm mail spam filter stop nigerian spam mails spam filter for outlook express bayesian spam filter outlook express spam filter

spam software

Spam Blackout by Heidi Computers Ltd

Blocks Spam from your Inbox. Spam Blackout is safe and easy-to-use. Powerful Spam Filtering Engine. Works with Any Email Client Program e.g. Ms Outlook etc. Downloads from Hotmail, POP3 & IMAP. The Email Viewer is Virus Proof.

qurb spam filter spam software email filter spam killer anti spam software outlook express spam

outlook software

outlook express spam filter by

An Outlook express plug-in that automatically and efficiently filters spam and phishing fraud. Whenever new mail arrives your inbox, it will automatically be tested by the filter, The Spam mail will be moved to your spam folder instantly.

plus-in outlook spam filter express add-on

e-mail software

Biz Mail by Axolot Data

Biz Mail is an e-mail client with the focus on you that has e-mail as a part of your daily work. * Full support for html mails. * Virus safe, not using any Microsoft technology. * Spam check trough blacklist servers. * Works with Hotmail accounts

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