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spam software

1 Click Spam Shield by Secure PC Solutions.Inc

1Click SpamShield tracks the Internets worst Spammers, IP blocking, Spam Gangs and Spam Support Services, and works with ISPs and Law Enforcement Agencies to identify and remove persistent spammers from the Internet. FREE 24 by 7 LIVE CHAT support.

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whatlink software

Letterman Spam Control Pro by Whatlink Software Limited

Effective spam filtering with Letterman Spam Control (97~100% blocked) the intelligence, total control and effectiveness anti-spam software. No training is required. No more bandwidth is wasted in loading spams! Conserves dial-up network bandwidth.

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spam software

SpamSeparator by Lithops Software

SpamSeparator is a tool for creating spam filters to sort your emails on the server. You do not need to download each spam message or virus. The entire job is done on the server. You receive a report on all delivered and undelivered (spam) messages.

spam antispam spamfilter spam filter server side sorts spam server delivers good mails separates spam shows logs

spam filter software

Spam Filter for Outlook by SpamFilterInfo

Spam Filter utilizes the latest technology which learns from spammers messages and continually adjusts itself to protect your mailbox. Using proactive rather than reactive methods for eliminating spams, it can block over 99% of spam.(SFSBCB)

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anti-spam software

Sweep Mail by Wekasoft

A spam filter that can clear your remote emailbox for spam before your download

anti-spam email spam junk protect spam filter clear remote emailbox spam before download

spam software

Spam Freak by Digital Robotics Inc.

Set your pop mail accounts. Set some simple rules Turn off auto download for your normal mail client. Run Spam Freak before checking your mail and watch Spam Freak zip through your mail removing all spam.

spam freak web email never get spam never get viruses worms

spam software

SpamGunner by Shortcutsoft, Inc.

SpamGunner is a powerful Anti-Spam Product for Consumers and Small Businesses. It can check multiple accounts synchronously, kill email viruses quickly, provide a variety of filters with wildcards, and support multi-byte charcacter preview.

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