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vocal software

Chorus Producer by Voice Imitation & Recognition Ltd.

produce vocal chorus from only one vocal track up to 99 different vocal voices,build them to one vocal WAV.create gender by adjusting pitch and vocal tract, silence tempo, delay setting, volume and speaker selection for each track, signal restoration

vocal singers amplitude different voices accurate adjustment wav file silence

internet software

IESpeaker by NeuroSpeech Technologies

After you install IESpeaker, it will add extra menu with title "Speak" in your Internet Explorer and A Speaker Button on the toolbar as well as you see on the above picture. All you need to do is just open the browser and click on Speak.

reader iespeaker websites explorer internet internet explorer free speaks

screen reader software

Text Speaker by DeskShare

Text Speaker will read any text on your computer screen. Avoid eyestrain or create your own audio books. Read Word, HTML, RTF, or text documents aloud, or save them as MP3 or WAV files. Register to receive 2 professional AT&T Natural Voices.

speak text speak text aloud text reader speak text speak word aloud text aloud text to mp3 read word read documents screen reader text to wav read text read text read rtf text speaker

flash software

Openworld FlashPresenter by Openworld Learning, LLC

Create user-navigable Flash presentations, featuring audio/video, text, slides and hyperlinks. Combines and synchronizes audio or video of a speaker with scrolling text, graphic images, Flash animations and Powerpoint slides.

content menus access web web resources powerpoint slides video slides bug fixes

3d sound software

Maven Wizard by Emersys

Tweak and tune your system for optimal performance. The Maven Wizard lets you set your headphones, 2, 4, or 5.1 channel speaker system for optimal volume and position.

optimize speaker configuration system utilities sound test free systems 1 sound utilities surround sound speaker test sound wizard 3d sound 5 utility 3d audio

windows ce sapi software

Embedded Speaker Verification Kit by Research Lab Inc

Embedded Windows CE Speaker Verification Developers Kit is your compact security solution for Development of Speaker Verification Systems at Electronics level. The design is based on ISIP ASR and is Ported to Windows CE/Pocket PC/Smart Phone/ Symbian

sapi flash disk 128 mb ram hardware kit windows ce speech development

hotkey software

Magic Hotkey by xuwei

Do you want to adjust gamma,brightness,contrast JUST in game? Do you want to control volume of speaker or mic without mouse? Do you want to have 100 virtual clipboard? Do you want to control winamp only by hotkey at any time?

windows key magic keyboard magic hotkey hotkey utility control hotkey hotkey

text to mp3 software

YeoSoft Text to MP3 Speaker by YeoSoft Inc.

Yeosoft Text to MP3 Speaker is a tool that can read in 10 languages so as you can rest your eyes when enjoying any stories or web pages. Besides real time listening, you may also convert text to MP3, Wave, Ogg or WMA file.

punctuation web broswer reading books ogg text formating alignment

soundy mouse software

Soundy Mouse by NetworkActiv

Soundy Mouse allows you to add sound to your mouse movement. This sound is played through your PC-Speaker.

pc speaker mouse movement mouse cursor freedom top to bottom spyware

sound software

Sound Volume ActiveX OCX SDK by Viscom Software

SoundVolume is tiny control sound volume ActiveX control that support control Master Volume, Wave, CD Audio, Line In, Microphone, Phone Line, PC Speaker, SW Synth volume.

activex control vfp recording control enable disable master volume wave cd


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