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getright software

GetRight by Headlight Software, Inc.

GetRight extends your file downloading with resuming of broken downloads, easy error recovery, download acceleration, and many other features to give you faster and more flexible downloads.

getright resume download manager accelerate getright manager

network monitor software

NetPeeker by Ming Jin

Personal network monitor and controller, reveal and control (block/abort) every application and connections, reveal and block spywares, intelligent WHOIS trace back, network speed limiter, popup killer.

network monitor firewall block spyware speed limiter bandwidth popup killer personal network monitor controller reveal block spywares limit speed

networking software

NetLimiter by Locktime Software

NetLimiter is developed to monitor applications which access the internet and actively control their internet traffic. You can use it to set (download/upload) speed limits for applications or even single connection.

networking bandwidth monitor shaper limiter traffic control monitoring

downshift software

DownShift Download Manager by Rose City Software

DownShift enhances your file downloading with resuming of broken downloads, easy error recovery, download acceleration, and many other features to give you faster and more flexible downloads. Get 100% error free downloading now!

downshift resume download manager accelerate speed reliable error free downshift speeds manages downloads without errors

ftp software

TurboFTP by TurboSoft, Inc

TurboFTP is a solid and smart FTP program that comes with an very intuitive interface and a rich set of features like SFTP over SSH2, SSL/TLS support, scheduler, Auto Upload on Change, Folder Synchronizer, S/Key encryption.

ftp client ssh2 sftp ssl tls secure ftp programs stall ftp server firewall proxy password encryption cute ftp preserve file time file transfer directory compare auto upload automatic resume reconnect

automatic download software

SavePicNoAsk PRO by UnH Solutions, Inc.

Download pictures from the Internet quickly and easily with SavePicNoAsk PRO. The program comes with Save a Pic with a Click! feature that lets you save pictures with one click. Has extra Save Picture & Back and Save Picture & Close commands.

automatic download picture download manager save pictures thumbnail images pictures quickly easily cool

ftp software

WinFtp Server by Ftp Server Software

Ftp server software for windows To maintain the performance of your site, the program offers directory caching and an Anti-Hammer tool to thwart the jerks.WinFTP Server offers everything you need, and it's amazingly easy to use.

ftp server ftp server

bittorrent software

BitComet by BitComet

BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client, a file-sharing freeware fully compatible with Bittorrent, designed for the high-speed distribution of large files.

bittorrent torrent p2p peer-to-peer file-share file-sharing download share distribution

secure ftp server software

Fastream IQ Web/FTP Server by Fastream Technologies

Secure, ultra-fast FTP server and robust multi-threaded Web server for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, featuring XML-based GUI remote 2-level administration scheme, separate upload/download speed limits, storage quotas, dynamic DNS, SSL and compression.

secure ftp server secure web server xml remote admin fastream netfile server quota authentication dynamic dns w3c logging file/document server

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