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serial splitter software

Serial Splitter by ELTIMA Software GmbH

This application allows you to share a single serial port between several applications. It is achieved by creating virtual serial ports, which appear as copies of the real one. It can have up to 255 virtual ports.

serial splitter serial split virtual serial port virtual com port virtual serial driver null-modem communication null modem connection software virtual serial splitting connect several applications single serial port simultaneously

winsplit software

WinSplit by aborange.de

Are your files too big for a standard disk? Or does your eMail box restrict the size of an individual eMail? Then WinSplit is your tool of choice! It splits your files into chunks of the size you need and puts them back together again.

winsplit splitter file splitter teilen zusammensetzen datei winnsplit split splitter winsplit95 win95 dateien files zip splitt concat zusammen copy backup back-up back up glue share-ware shareware

slice software

Slice'n'Splice by SadMan Software

Slices huge files into manageable chunks, and then splices them back together again. Useful for transferring files to other machines via floppy, email or internet, without having to restart the whole job if a single floppy fails.

slice splice chop split splitter chunk partition floppy size utility tool slices huge files smaller chunks splices them recreate original file

splitbar xt software

SplitBar XT by Extended Resizer & SplitBar

Add hotizontal and vertical split bars and auto resize functions to your forms. Individually adjust the size and position of each control. Customizable with advanced properties and events. Build professional multi panes user interface in no time.

splitbar xt splitbar split bar activex ocx elastic user interface split bars splitbars pane panes multiple panes form splitter gui splitter split resize resizer activex control active x container split window explorer style ui

split software

AccuSplit by Joseph Flynn

Splits large files into smaller segments to allow for easy archival to CD-R, Zip or floppy disks. It uses a cryptographic algorithm to insure data integrity and runs as a stand-alone executable - there is nothing to install. Full help file included.

split splitter splitting segment mpeg avi divx xvid win32 app split large files computer videos smaller segments

install software

Easy Install by Easy Software Ltd

Easy Install creates DOS compressed self installing disks for program or data distribution. There is no script language to learn. Just tell Easy Install the name of your program and the directory in which the files can be found for packing.

install distribute file splitter dos compressed installation disk maker

wave software

CD Wave Editor by MiLo Software

Split WAV files from any source. Supports up to 24-bit multi-channel. Automatic and easy manual splittin. Records audio from any source, can open existing files, and write MP3/OGG/FLAC encoded files. CUE sheet editor for CDRwin. Schedule recordings.

wave split edit audio cut cdwav cd cue record tracks record split edit wave files great transferring lp tape cd mp3

file software

Chop by Sinner Computing

Assembly Language program for splitting large files for easier distribution with CRC and Encryption. Files can be split by either the number of files that you want, the maximum file size, or you can use preset common sizes for floppies, CDs, etc...

file split encryption bat assembly security sinner chop wizard crc assembly language file splitter encryption wizard crc

game software

Domino Dash by Redclaw Games

Travel the world beating a series of fun domino toppling challenges, using twelve different types of dominos each with their own special abilities.

game demo domino dominos domino toppling arcade puzzle fun challenging play levels bonus platform travel world beating series fun domino toppling challenges

backup software

MinuteMan Data Backup Suite by Backtec Software

backup data recovery minuteman restore backup minman rescue zip zipping minzip data crash minuteman data backup suite


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