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Spreadsheet Software

edit software

PatternText Creator by Webadviso

PatternText Creator is a program for volume editing of text base or text containing file(s).

edit pattern creation enumerate suffix prefix multi document spreadsheet volume edit replace append prepend remove reverse text word string

edit software

MultiEdit by Webadviso

MultiEdit is a program for volume editing of text base or text containing file(s).

edit multi document spreadsheet volume edit replace append prepend remove reverse text word string volume editing text base text containing file

golf software

Handicap Manager for Excel by DJI Computer Solutions

Handicap Manager for Excel meets all the requirements of the USGA Handicap System for the computation of USGA Handicap Indexes. It can also be used to compute scoring averages, leagues handicaps and custom handicaps and statistics.

golf handicap handicapping sports excel spreadsheet golf handicapping software microsoft excel

league software

Home or Away League Scheduler by CFB Software

Home or Away creates balanced round robin sports schedules in minutes with summaries to check that all is OK. It has a range of advanced features to handle complex schedules. The eight team trial version has all the features and no expiry date.

league scheduler tournament schedule schedules scheduling tournament round robin roster fixture manager sport schedule round robin sports leagues 40 teams per division

project software

MinuteMan by MinuteMan Systems

MinuteMan Project Management Software is an easy to learn and inexpensive way to rapidly manage your projects, featuring Gantt (Timeline) and Pert Charts, Cost Tracking, a flexible Report Generator, and more.

project management schedule gantt pert cost track report wbs timeline critical path employee easy-to-use inexpensive project management software

web software

web based msde dba tool - Shusheng SQL Tool by CELC

web-based MS SQL Server(MSDE)2000 client tool, query analyzer and dba utility to design, create, query, backup, manage and monitor database from a web browser. Pure ASP script, no installation needed. Freeware for Educational and Personal usage.

web based sql msde dba utility web-based ms sql server msde 2000 client utility query analyzer dba tool

construction software

RemodelCost Estimator for Excel by CPR International, Inc.

RemodelCost Estimator for Excel. Remodel Construction Cost Estimator. Designed for home remodelers, builders, estimators. Built-in user-modifiable unit cost data for local city indexes and all cost categories covering remodel construction.

construction cost estimating remodel repair restoration excel spreadsheet pricing quote residential estimator contractor remodeling remodel construction cost estimating system excel localized cost data

construction software

HomeCost Estimator for Excel by CPR International, Inc.

HomeCost Estimator for Excel. Home Construction Cost Estimating System. Designed for builders, contractors, architects, adjusters. Built-in modifiable data for local city indexes, class, type and style factors, upgrade and additional feature prices.

construction cost estimating homecost excel spreadsheet pricing quote residential estimator contractor home home construction cost estimating system excel localized cost data

websurveyor software

WebSurveyor by Your company, inc

WebSurveyor offers the tools you need to create, publish, announce and collect results from your surveys. The powerful desktop software give you complete control of survey interactivity. Free download & 10-day free trial; 3-month hosting is $449.

websurveyor survey software online survey internet survey web survey marketing research questionaire marketing questionnaires websurvey websurveyor conduct online surveys easily try free 3-month hosting 450

attribute extraction software

AutoDWG Attribute Extractor by AutoDWG Software

AutoDWG Attribute Extractor Help you batch extract attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without need of AutoCAD. It supports most DWG formats including AutoCAD Release 9 through to the present AutoCAD 2002.

attribute extraction attribute extractor autocad attribute extraction batch autocad attribute extraction program without need autocad

databases software

BaseNow by Gate Comm Software

BaseNow is a database front-end desktop application that provides a powerful tree-style user interface for all your databases. It connects to virtually any database, contains built-in deduplication, data validation, and import/export tools.

databases db relational access spreadsheet search database mailing list validation export import sql statement deduplication de-duplication duplicate delete address remove data database tool ole db oledb query builder

3d software

ImageDIG by SciCepts Engineering

ImageDIG consists of three integrated modules which allow the user to convert 2D flat images into 3D (x,y,z) data or if a graph, convert the graph in image form into 2 dimensional numerical data for further analysis. The third is 2D analyis plotter.

3d 2d image digitizer converter surface mesh contour plot graph convert flat images 2d 3d numerical data then plot analyze

electronics software

RVal by Brian Taylor

RVal helps you select the best pairs of values to produce a given ratio, difference, or connect in series or parallel to produce an exact value. It will find the nearest preferred value or the one required in parallel with an existing value.

electronics resistors preferred value parallel series ratio e6 e12 e24 e48 e96 e192 electronic engineers solution finding optimum preferred resistor values

collecting software

Collection Explorer by EPS/Solutions

Collecting software. Organize, track, and manage your collections in a Windows Explorer-like way. Your categories in a tree on the left, your items in a list on the right. Comes pre-loaded with categories for all types of collectibles. Easy to learn.

collecting software collection collector collectors collection software stamps coins baseball cards sports cards movies dvds music mp3s books magazines beanie babies bean bag toys bean toys antiques trains dolls barbie dolls

convert software

ez_XLS2PDF PDF Converter by Integrated Environmental Services, Inc.

ez-XLS2PDF is a powerful file conversion utility that provides users with the ability to quickly and reliably convert Microsoft Excel files to PDF.

convert microsoft excel spreadsheet pdf xls pdf xls2pdf convert microsoft excel spreadsheets web-ready pdf


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