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curve software

DataFit by Oakdale Engineering

DataFit is a tool for performing curve fitting, statistical analysis & data plotting. Fit equations with up to 100 parameters to data with up to 20 independent variables. Define your own equations or choose from over 600 pre-defined equations.

curve fitting data plotting nonlinear parameter estimation regression statistics math science datafit curve fitting statistical analysis data plotting software

wine software

The Winery by Tracker Software

The Winery is a database program that will allow you to store a list of your favorite wines. Features: export data to cvs; add, edit and delete entries; sort and filter data; customize; help file; setup and uninstall. For Pocket PCs

wine database wine database pocket pc

mileage software

MileMate by Blue Sunset Software

Use software to track your maintenance and keep your vehicles in top condition. With easy to use reports and reminders, MileMate's three exciting Trim Levels will meet every need and budget. Take a Test Drive today and come in first with MileMate.

mileage automotive mileage maintenance trip gas mpg car vehicle motorcycle truck fuel automobile master automotive maintenance keep vehicles top condition

artificial software

BrainCom by Concel Systems

BrainCom is an artificial neural network. Utilizing backpropagation algorithm It can be used in almost all research fields such as nonlinear regression, forecasting, curve fit, pattern recognition, classification, decision making.

artificial intelligence neural network prediction braincom artificial neural network utilizing backpropagation algorithm

korean software

Declan's Korean FlashCards by Declan Software

Declan's Korean FlashCards is a fully configurable Korean vocabulary flash-card program. The program has been designed to help students learn a large number of Korean words as quickly as possible in a systematic but simple way.

korean language grammar alphabet hangul instruction learn declans korean flashcards systematic korean vocabulary learning system

activitytimer software

ActivityTimer by Clare Software

ActivityTimer is a small, easy to use program that runs in the background on your PC and will accurately tell you how much time you spend on any activity with very little effort on your part.

activitytimer time recording software personal time recording time management software home office computer time software time record clare software multi-task multi-tasking multitask hourly billing timer stopwatch time tracking

database software

jWorkbook by St James Software

jWorkbook is an Excel Add-In that enables you to build powerful database queries and see the results directly in your Excel Spreadsheet. Build reports quickly using single or multiple SQL statements. Supports Oracle, Access and SQL Server.

database query queries sql oracle access sql server excel tutorial create manage run sql inside excel results saved spreadsheet

notes software

Recall by AcaStat Software

Recall is a personal database that allows you to organize notes and secure confidential information. You can lock files with a password or share files with other Recall users.

notes data base contact management password project management addresses diary notebook log store notes contacts account info passwords personal log

proxy workbench software

Proxy Workbench by tcpIQ / Sigma Solutions

Proxy Workbench is a unique proxy server ideal for developers, trainers and security experts that displays its data in real-time.

proxy workbench proxy server sockets socket tcp udp sockets tcp sockets packet sniffing socket protocols packet sniffer protocol analyzer protocol analyser tcp-ip winsock networking sockets tcpip ip port network communications

neural network software

EasyNN by Neural Planner Software

EasyNN is a neural network system for Microsoft Windows. It makes the creation of neural networks easy. It allows the user to produce multilayer neural networks from a grid or from text files.

neural network artificial intelligence create train validate query neural networks converts plain text grid form

utility software

C/C++ SLOC Counter by retiSoft, inc.

Counts C/C++ source program physical & logical lines of code. Useful for various management planning and reporting tasks, calculating quality metrics, or just to gauge your program size estimation skills.

utility utilities developer c c sloc loc counter counts c source program physical logical lines code

editable software

AAA Easy Grid Control ActiveX by Easy Grid ActiveX Control Team

AAA EasyGrid Activex has exceedingly powerful functions, much more powerful than other grid or report OCXes, such as FlexGrid, Crystal Report, Formual One, Spread and so on. AAA EasyGrid ActiveX can do form control such as edit, input, print, print

editable grid control grid activex grid ocx grid component spreadsheet spread sheet grid visual basic grid data grid editable grid control activex print preview spreadsheet chart excel

apr software

APR Spread Calculator by Wheatworks Software, LLC

Uses the Actuarial Method of calculating Annual Percentage Rates for mortgage loans as explained in Appendix J of 12 CFR Ch. II, Pt. 226, the portion of the United States Code of Federal Regulations known as Regulation Z.

apr annual percentage rate loan mortgage regulation z closing cost uses actuarial method calculating aprs mortgage loans

file management software

Advanced Directory Printer by Segobit Software

Print or save your file/folder lists.

file management folder listing folder printing attribute file name print save disk directory print save file folder lists

income software

Easy Money by WaverlyStreet

Easy Money is a personal income and expense tracking program. Record line items under an unlimited number of user-defined categories. Generates simple reports and also exports data. Macro utility for recurring entries. Fast and easy to use!

income expense tracking finance money simple quick income expense tracking home office


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