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spyware software

XoftSpy by ParetoLogic Inc.

XoftSpy is the latest, most advanced Spyware detection & removal application on the Internet. XoftSpy scans your computer's memory, registry, files & folders for Spyware, Adware, Spybots, Malware, Spy Pop-ups, Keyloggers, and Unwanted Toolbars!

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spyware software

System Spyware Interrogator by Trisnap Technologies

Discover privacy and security issues on your computer using the most Advanced Spyware Detection Technology available on the net!

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privacy fusion software

Privacy Fusion by Privacy Fusion

Privacy Fusion combines Internet''s most effective and proven tools that helps you protect your privacy and increase your PC performance and productivity! All in one privacy/security suite!

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antivirus software

CA Anti-Spyware by Computer Associates

Spyware can steal your personal data, switch your home page, re-direct your web searches, display annoying ads, and slow your PC to a crawl. CA Anti-Spyware protects against a wide range of spyware.

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antivirus software

Solo Antivirus Software for Windows by SRN Micro Systems

Solo antivirus software not only scans for all viruses, it contains a unique System Integrity Checker to protect you from new Spyware, Internet Worms, Backdoor programs, malicious VB and Java scripts.

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spyware software

StartGuard Free Edition by StartGuard Software

StartGuard (Free Edition) catches spyware overlooked by other anti-spyware tools. Immunize your system by blocking access to over 10,000 sources of spyware, adware, advertisements, tracking cookies, and other threats from reaching your computer.

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spyware software

PAL Spyware Remover by PAL Solutions Ltd.

Spyware Remover scans your computer for spyware and removes it with a single click. Malware, adware, spyware, trackware, thiefware, and Big Brotherware detection and removal utility with multilanguage support

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spyware software

Npust Anti-spyware by NPUST SOFTWARE

Npust Anti-spyware can provide every computer with virtual protection against all types of unauthorized spyware and keystroke monitoring programs, both KNOWN and UNKNOWN.

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anti virus software

eScan Virus Control Edition by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

eScan Virus Control is a desktop Anti-Virus and Content Security software for Windows based systems that protects you from Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Malware, Keyloggers, Hackers, Spammers, privacy related issues & objectionable content.

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spyware software

SpywareNuker by Trek Blue, Inc

9 out of 10 PC's are infected with some form of spyware or adware.If you're like most people, you spent a lot of money on your computer, and you don't want to let shady Internet companies to infect your PC by installing SpyWare or AdWare on your PC without you knowing!

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