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encryption software

NCrypt by FNORDware Productions

NCrypt is a quick and easy way to protect sensitive files through data encryption and password protection. NCrypt supports RC, DES and DES3 encryption standards for various levels of protection. Secure passwords make files even harder to crack .

encryption decryption security encryption decryption utility protection sensitive information

mht software

EZ Save MHT by GoUpSoft Inc.

EZ Save MHT allows you to save any web page as a standard .MHT web archive file with a single click. WebArchives are complete web pages with images and all, but saved as a single, standalone file (.mht).

mht mht file mht files mht mht file save mht ez save mht allows save page standard mht archive file

document management system software

ProNETDOCS Legal Standard by MC System Solutions, LLC

ProNETDOCS Legal Standard is a Legal Document Management System (LDMS) solution designed to allow you to organize and share your documents while tracking your time & billing info and integrating with QuickBooks and other MS Office applications.

document management system legal document management enterprise-based file sharing legal document management system pronetdocs legal standard legal document management system time billing

clipboard software

AceText by JGsoft - Just Great Software

Extends the Windows clipboard, enabling you to copy and paste like never before. Take notes, jot down ideas and keep important information at your fingertips. Quickly communicate with standard messages and templates. Easily edit complex documents.

clipboard cut copy paste text clip snippet clipmate clipmagic write edit email communicate faq knowledge base notes sticky messages template email chat messaging im speed smarten

delphi software

AlphaControls by ArtTech software

A package of standard and unique skinable VCL's for professional UI design developmet using "AlphaSkins". AlphaControls is an easy-to-use universal and powerful tool for developing original skinned and non-skinned business/media applications.

delphi vcl skin alpha blended gradient skinable interface skinned components ui design building applications delphi advanced alphablend shadow borders blending grayed gradient transparent pagecontrol themes

blancco software

Blancco - Data Cleaner+ by Blancco Oy Ltd.

Blancco - Data Cleaner+ is the All-in-One solution for any data erasure and reuse needs: 100% secure wiping with integrated hardware testing & inventory and automatic reporting, all at once! The software is following international erasure standards.

blancco data cleaner data erasure hardware recycling data security hard drive cleaner hard drive erasure data recovery disk wiping blancco data cleaner ensures 100 secure hard drive erasing reporting

klondike software

Klondike Collection by Zonora Technologies

Klondike Collection is World's Largest Klondike Games Collection with 62 Klondike Games including 25 standard games and 37 original games which you will not find anywhere else.

klondike solitaire spider freecell card game klondike solitaire collection free worlds largest klondike games collection 62 klondike games

step sequencer software

SQ4 by Eric Nassen

SQ4 is a power full step sequencer with unmatched features. It goes far beyond the possibilities a hardware sequencers. SQ4 can control your gear through midi, or use the open standard VST-technology widely spread.

step sequencer midi sequencer loop creation audio computer music experimental music aleatorical sq4 power full step sequencer unmatched features

spider software

Spider Collection by Zonora Technologies

Spider Collection is World's Largest Spider Games Collection with 62 Spider Games including 11 standard games and 51 original games which you will not find anywhere else.

spider solitaire klondike freecell card game free collection spider solitaire worlds largest spider games collection 62 spider games

freecell software

Freecell Collection by Zonora Technologies

Freecell Collection is World's Largest Freecell Games Collection with 62 Freecell Games including 14 standard games and 48 original games which you will not find anywhere else.

freecell solitaire spider klondike card game patience free casino collection spider solitaire worlds largest freecell games collection 62 freecell games


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