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diplodock software

Keyboard Guardian by Diplodock

Keyboard Guardian is an advanced key logger that helps thousands of people worldwide safely monitor their PCs day and night. Unlike other key loggers, Keyboard Guardian can operate in the stealth mode, and it can email recorded keystrokes.

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monitoring software

ProBot SE by NetHunter Group

By keeping a log of launched applications, visited Web sites, keystrokes and mouse clicks, ProBot SE helps detect data loss from electronic espionage. Completely stealth operation may help you investigate intranet intrusions or even computer crimes.

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folder software

PalmTree by

Password protect, lock and hide folders or directories and their subdirectories and files on your PC. Encrypt files with BLOWFISH, CryptAPI. Hide messages in photograph. Stealth email. Encrypt password files and bank

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privacy software

Stealth Browser Pro by Right Now Info

Now you can privately surf to ANY type of website you want with Stealth Browser Pro, a FREE password protected privacy browser. Your history file, cache, index.dat and permanent cookies are not written to. It is even password protected!

privacy internet privacy privacy browser stealth browser web browser online privacy browse version browser pro

email redirector software

Advanced Stealth Email Redirector by IT Corporation

Advanced Stealth Email Redirector is a program that sends the copies of all outgoing emails. ASER monitors outgoing traffic of email client software and intercepts all sending emails. Then program sends out intercepted emails to specified email addr.

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kid safe software

PpGuard by

PpGuard is a powerful internet filtering program which runs in stealth mode on your computer, comparing each requested internet address (URL), against a (encrypted, password protected) list of Trusted internet sites. We call this list of Trusted Web

kid safe filter parental control trustfile learning mode kid-safe iexplore 100- block rate ppguard kid safe parental control learning mode

sound software

Sound Snooper by SoftCab Inc

Sound Snooper features multiple sound card support, voice activated recording, stealth recording. Phone calls can be recorded, too. All possible sound formats are supported. Low system resources using.

sound snoop record card voice vox wav mp3 sound snooper records around computer using

anti spy software

Spy Killer by Maxion Software

A spy software, spyware, and adware detection, removal, and prevention internet system security shield. Spy Killer's advanced features include stealth and immunization. Free software trial version available to download now.

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record software

Stealth Recorder by TOBEST Inc.

You can secretly record any sounds by real-time MP3 supporting Voice Activation System and transfer them automatically by email or FTP in perfect stealth mode. You can send your voice message to anybody by e-mail also.

record message mail ftp secret transfer tray secretly sounds them activation

protect software

Hide Folder Lite by Pilot Group LLC

Hide your Files and Folders from any People and Computer viruses. Protect My Documents, Desktop, Internet History, Data/Time settings. Set rights for reading, copying, deleting, and invisibility features for other users on computer. Stealth Mode.

protect encrypt sharing share program shared folder guard guard management


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