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fireworks software

MBSS Fireworks by Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers

MBSS Fireworks displays photo-realistic 3D animated fireworks with stereo sound effects any time of the year. Define a complete fireworks show including hue transitions, atmospheric conditions, gravity, burst styles and many other properties.

fireworks sparks shells burst launch light stars 3d animation particles space

light software

MBSS All Products by Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers

MBSS All Products includes: Light, Fireworks, Starfields and Gravity Wells. Each of these products provides amazing 3D real-time particle animation. Display properties can be customized or cycle through an effective variety of themes.

light stars gravity fireworks 3d animation particles space directx effects sparks shells burst

fire software

2000th HellFire screensaver by FP Software lab.

The HellFire Screensaver puts on an impressive show of smoothly animated, photorealistic fire effects overlaid on a dimmed-out version of your desktop. You''ll see burning flames, heat distortion, fireworks, and sparkles + high-quality stereo sound.

fire burning screen fireplace hellfire hell fire hell

train software

Train Tracking by Demon Star

All the fun of sitting on a metallic seat - drinking weak lemon cordial - at a railway station, waiting for the Number 4592-B to come along! Except without any risk of pneumonia. Train Tracking is a jovial look at Trainspotting.

train trains tracking trainspotting demon star bashing anorak track railway railroad station hobby uk fast reaction-based game jovial look trainspotting

tetris4000 software

Tetris 4000 by Petrov Sergey

Tetris4000 will surprise you with wonderful 3D effects: oscillating blocks, moving interactive frames, a nice 3D gameplay. Wou will enjoy bonuses such as the bomb that blows up several lines of blocks, rotating bonuses, special figures and others.

tetris4000 tetris 4000 game new classic remake alawar entertainment game surprises oscillating blocks moving interactive frames nice 3d

3dmeditator software

3D Meditator by Alawar Entertainment

3D Meditator is based on the idea of tetris. The game is unique with it's 3D effects. The bonuses are also unusual: "Bomb" (blows up several lines of blocks), rotating bonus (the glass turns over with all it's content), special figures and others.

3dmeditator meditator tetris4000 tetris 4000 game new classic remake alawar entertainment 3d meditator based idea tetris game unique 3d effects

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