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desktop pulse software

Desktop Pulse by Astonsoft

Desktop Pulse allows you to automate some of the common tasks by constantly downloading and putting pictures onto your desktop or in a separate window. Monitor stock and currency indexes, observe web cams and install wallpapers with Desktop Pulse!

desktop pulse desktop-pulse picture on desktop desktop picture wallpapers desktop wallpaper desktop indexes amazing desktop download images delivers content straight onto desktop

stock software

Advanced Stock Bar by Ashkon Technology LLC

Advanced Stock Bar is an Internet Explorer plug-in that simplifies your stock market research. Just enter a stock symbol, select type of report that you want to see and click "Navigate" button to see desired financial data.

stock bar market research quotes real time plugin ie advanced financial software advanced explorer plugin stock market research

industry software

StockControl by Jose Falcao

Industrial Production Manager and Stock Control software. This software will let you control any production, stock, order or supplier.

industry production manager stock control software orders supplier planning contract business engineering industrial production manager stock control software

stock control system software

TiNControl by TiNiT

TiNControl is the stock control (inventory control), sales, purchasing and invoicing software from TiNiT. Created specifically for value added resellers and with e-commerce in mind.

stock control system stock control software inventory control inventory software inventory control software credit notes stock control inventory control sales purchasing invoicing software

stock market games software

Ticker Tycoon by Econometrics Software

Ticker Tycoon puts you against the computer in a fun and addictive stock market simulation game. Gamble and learn without losing a cent! Includes stock options trading, news events, company earnings reports, and variable levels of difficulty.

stock market games sims simulations trading daytrading personal finance investment game options stock options stocks ticker ticker tycoon calls puts earnings charts stock charts money

secure software

Password Lock Transparent Screensaver Utility by software

Password protect access to your computer, while monitoring programs that are running in the background. Perfect for system administrators, retail stores running computer demos, or any user of email, instant messaging or live stock quotes.

secure security lock password computer display transparent program screen saver screensaver background shareware custom corporate retail system administrator information systems is stock ticker email instant messenger

stock software

Sonar by Incatec Inc.

The award winning Sonar Stock Analyzer will allow you to get detailed information on thousands of stocks, then filter them exactly how you want and end up with a short list of potentially highly valuable investments.

stock mutual fund research screening filter market dow nasdaq real time quote chart analysis company search index account holding alert ticker invest investment

investment software

Tradetrek Enterprise by, Inc.

Offers investors a complete set of stock analysis and trading strategy tools, including Live Stock Picks, Neural-Network 5-day forecast, Money Flow, Tick Chart, portfolio and risk management, Pairtrade Picks and real-time interactive charting.

investment investing invest stock trading trade finance financial money shares portfolio quote neural network complete set stock analysis trading strategy tools

portfolio software

101Quote by TickQuest Inc.

101Quote is an easy to use free intraday stock market quote tool. Integrated with portfolio tracking, customizable display settings, export to Excel and friendly with firewall and corporate networks, it is a must have for all market participants.

portfolio quote internet quote stock invest finance laptop stockmarket index market excel ms excel microsoft excel free intraday quotes portfolio tracking export excel firewall friendly

personal finance software

Portfolio Fundamentals + by Bent Tree Software

This program is a version of a form that will assist you in tracking the fundamentals of your stock portfolio. It will run under Win 95, 98, Me, NT4, XP & 2000.

personal finance aoto loan pension fundamentals retire portfolio stock financial statement software shareware forms will assist tracking fundamentals stock portfolio


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