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popup killer software

BlockPop by VariousCode

BlockPop works by integrating directly with Internet Explorer, to stop popups before the windows even become visible. This means: no flashing, and no wasted bandwidth waiting for ads to download.

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browser software

PQBrowser by PhaseQuest

TABBED browser opens multiple web pages in the same application. Displays thumbnail previews of open web pages. Makes switching between web sites and pages effortless. HotKey Shortcuts, Stop Popup Windows, Wipes Cache, Image Slideshows, MUCH more.

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privacy software

CobraSoft PopStop by CobraSoft

Stop and control internet pop up and pop under windows and ads while you browse the web. This is the software advertisers don't want you to know about. CobraSoft PopStop puts the control back in your hands. You decide what windows stay and go.

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pop-up ad killer software

Smart Explorer by Smarteque

Smart Explorer is the fast, smart, and secure Internet browser. Smart Explorer kills pop-up ads, filters multimedia downloads, has a multi document interface, and integrates the top search engines, allowing for searches of multiple sites at once.

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popsmarts software

popSmarts Popup Killer by Birnam Labs

A popup killer for IE with the smarts to allow desired popups and block only unwanted popups. It works immediately without any initial configuration! Blocked windows are saved an can be re-opened by double-clicking on an icon. Integrates into IE.

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ieguardian software

IEGuardian by Devicode Technology

IEGuardian allows you to customize Internet Explorer as well as protect your IE settings against changes. Remove ISP branding logo. Custimize your toolbar, menus & graphics. Protect changes to Internet options. Stop pop-up windows.

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spytech software

SecurityWorks by Spytech Software

Spytech SecurityWorks 2003 is a collection of some of Spytech's popular, award-winning utilities bundled together in a high-value, low-priced package. Monitor your PC, Stop Spam and Popups, Secure your PC and passwords - SecurityWorks can do it all!

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popup killer software

Smart Popup Blocker by BJStar Software Inc.

The annoying pop-up ad windows disturb your sights and occupy your system resource. How can you clear them?Smart Popup Blocker is an anti-popup product that can block 100% annoying popup ads absolutely automatically.

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freeware software

Pop Stop by Universal Navigation, Co. Ltt

Pop ups are an increasing annoyance and takes away from an enjoyable web experience. Pop-up windows are introduced in stealth, when unsuspecting customers download freeware, shareware or sometimes by just visiting websites.

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popup stopper software


Tired with all those ads that fill your screen while you browse the Web? 9.95 POPUP BLOCKER eliminates the pop-up and pop-under windows that slow down and hurt your Internet experience. Works with all major browsers. Enjoy surfing the Web again!

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