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sports software

SportsTools by Athnetix

Sports Tools provides sports timing functions for the Pocket PC.

sports stopwatch timing event timing radar timing pedometer calorie counter sports tools provides sports timing functions pocket pc

baseball software

PChart by Athnetix

PPC is a professional pitching chart that tracks pitch location and pitch speed.

baseball professional pitching chart sports major league ppc professional pitching chart tracks pitch location pitch speed

clock software

SAM by MetalGrass software

SAM - World Clocks, Unit Conversion, StopWatch, Reminders, Notepad and more.

clock timer time calendar units weight anniversaries russian temperature greek convert mass speed assist personal secretery help calculator jotter notes

note software

Noterizer by Harris-Dev

A handy little note with alarm manager. To many options to list. Try for free.

note alarm cuckoo clock timer stop watch clock handy little note alarm manager options list try free

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