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adventure software

Timba by Kinney Consulting

Adventure game with interesting storyline, great graphics, challenging puzzles. In the world of Timba, animals reveal a rich history that the player must learn in order to solve puzzles, rescue a child, find the good queen, stop the evil one.

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clinton software

Starr Wars by RI Soft Systems

This parody screensaver finds Clinton set as master Lewd Thighstalker who must battle the evil empire and free Princess Lay-ya (played by Monica). May the Farce be with you!

clinton screensaver riss humor president star wars hilarious clinton parody screensaver may farce be

avernum software

Avernum 2 by Spiderweb Software

Avernum 2 is an epic fantasy role-playing game, featuring a huge world, multitudes of puzzles and quests, and a fascinating story.

avernum fantasy rpg role-playing game fun spiderweb adventure epic fantasy role-playing game windows

puzzle software

Henry's Halloween Adventure by Octagon Software Inc.

Fun logic puzzle game with a Halloween story line. Guide Henry through 16 scenes on his Halloween adventure. Gameplay is similar to Minesweeper, but with different goals.

puzzle logic addicting scary halloween minesweeper game cute adventure story fun logic puzzle game halloween story line similar minesweeper

fatman software

Fatman Adventures by Another Day LTD

Join gamers worldwide and help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure. The game puts you in control of a cute creature - Fatman that can run, jump, climb, glide on thermals and teleport as well as set traps, use magic items and shoot his gun.

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omega syndrome software

The Omega Syndrome by DAVID MOFFATT

Part book part role-playing game. The Majestic Group has lost contact with Omega Labs. A research facility it has hidden near a town called Idyll. Your mission is to enter the town, find out what happened and eliminate any remaining threats.

omega syndrome game role-playing rpg adventure free demo shareware software alien conspiracy agent secret ufo part book part role-playing game set town under strict quarantine

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