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nat software

NATural IP SOHO by Newel Systems Ltd

NATural IP allows you to run all your existing Internet applications, including videoconferencing, streaming media and group collaboration tools. It works through NAT and shared IP addresses, and is very easy to install.

nat firewall videoconferencing instant messaging file sharing collaboration security run internet application even behind firewall shared ip

media player software

Active Media Player Screen Saver by software

View live Streaming Media or full motion MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV and MOV clips as a Screensaver. Use our intuitive setup and preview tool to create a playlist of media clips. With audio+GetRight support. Watch video on your PC: concerts, news, more!

media player streaming mpeg avi asf wmv mov quicktime movies screen saver screensaver animation live motion big brother webcast getright

music software

UdoRadio by UdoEntertainment LLC

If you love music but you hate traditional Radio, then you will love UdoRadio! With UdoRadio you program what you want and listen only to what you like! And, because you're not always in the same mood, we give you five fully customizable channels.

music audio streaming mp3 napster rock jazz classical rave punk blues christian country folk funk gospel heavy metal pop new age rap reggae techno creed linkin park ludacris

multimedia software

Boomer by Crazy Ivan Productions

Now with Flash MX Compression support, they use the technology broadcasting GnomeRadio and now folks you can too. Stream your audio and video, create slideshows. Convert your mp3's + wave files to streaming format that half a billion user have. NOW

multimedia video audio graphics streaming flash compression mx conversion create creation swf mp3 wav jpg avi gif png

internet tv software

CTube! by East Bay Technologies Inc.

CTube! makes it easy to find or browse TV stations on the Internet.Watch over 700 channels of television programs, news, educational and sports segments and more in no time. Now includes more stations, a station scanner, save favorites and more!

internet tv internet television live video webcam realaudio windows media realplayer watch over 700 channels internet tv live video

livewire software

LiveWire! Broadcast by East Bay Technologies Inc.

LiveWire! Broadcast helps you find and play virtually anything within seconds. Choose from 10,000 live radio stations or 5 Million streaming files (audio and video) to find exactly what you want.

livewire broadcast helps you find play internet radio streaming media livewire broadcast helps find play internet radio streaming media

encryption software

Lucigenic Crypt by Lucigenic Inc.

Advanced cryptographic COM component that implements the Blowfish, AES(Rijndael), Secure Hash Algorithm and the Base64 algorithm. Encrypt files, file regions and strings. Compress and encrypt files and strings and create self-decrypting archives.

encryption decryption rijndael aes blowfish sha secure hash algorithm base64 compression archive random cryptographic activex com cipher component advanced cryptographic com component provides file string cipher services

streaming software

Media Server by Unreal Streaming Tech

Free and Powerfull Media Server for Windows platforms. Streaming AVI, WMV, MPEG files.Real-time MPEG-4 compression of live sources.

streaming streaming audio streaming video webcam streaming digital media powerfull media server unreal streaming tehnologies group

3d software

CrazyTalk Web Edition by Reallusion Inc.

Make animated, speaking photos in minutes with CrazyTalk. Images are brought to life by displaying emotions and lip-synching with your own voice, imported audio or text messages. Create interactive talking content for your web site. ActiveX, WMV, RM.

3d animation graphic image tts talking image animated photo digital photo talking greeting cards talking instant messages activex wmv rm streaming make images web talk adding voice synchronized lip movement

log software

Surfstats Log Analyzer Standard Edition by SurfStats Software cc.

SurfStats Log Analyzer generates Website Activity and Conversion Tracking reports from log files. Reports can be generated in various languages with output to screen, file directories, ftp or email. It supports most common log file formats.

log analyzer conversion tracking file web iis apache free download surfstats proxy streaming media server ftp ms traffic


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