Strings Software

source code software

Source Code Spell Checker by Parasite Software

Checks spelling for all "user visible" strings Displays suggestion list for all spelling errors Implements "point and click" spelling correction Supports custom dictionary Creates error report Applies spelling correction to the source files

source code spell check spell check checks spelling user visible exposed user

replace software

Super Replace/Find/Extract/Rename by newcoding

This software can help you to replace/find/extract strings in your files,or rename these files.You can use regular expression,and very long or mutil-line expression;You can hilight or extract finded strings...

replace find rename extract regular expression regular text html office word search shareware replace find extract rename regular expression support text office

educational screen saver software

Multiplication Table ScreenSaver by

Multiplication strings fly to you

educational screen saver screen saver screensaver 3d screen saver screensavers 3d graphics

random software

Password Generator 2005 Professional by Diplodock

Professional and felxible random password generator. Quickly generates passwords, serial numbers, masked strings... Features include: character placement and density controls, words, pronounceability options, advanced masks, database export...

random password generator keycode string username keygen masks masked characters dictionary

compression software

RSP String Compress OCX by RSP Software

ActiveX OCX to compress and uncompress strings or array of bytes - Ability to compress and uncompress strings in the gzip format - The code is optimized for new processors - The compression engine is loaded dynamically in the process

compression mp3 ogg vorbis ogg vorbis vb vb6 development activex ocx visual basic encoder encoding activex ocx compress uncompress array bytes

batch replace software

Batch Replacer for MS Excel by ReplSoft Inc.

This utility allows to make a multi replacement operation in MS Excel files. Strings for search and replace must be specified in Excel document.

batch replace replace in ms excel files search and replace ms excel find and replace batch replacer multi-string search-and-replace utility ms excel

password recovery software

Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master by Rixler Software

This password recovery tool designed for viewing and cleaning the secret data stored by Internet Explorer. This includes managing passwords for protected sites, user passwords on forms, Content Advisor password and autocomplete strings.

password recovery recover revealer viewer internet explorer autocomplete auto complete remove delete content advisor protected site secret data form watch clean password recover content advisor password utility watching cleaning

random software

Password Generator 2004 by Diplodock

Professional and very customizable random password generator: generates 100,000 passwords, serial numbers, PINs, masked strings, and usernames of any length and character content in seconds. Includes character groups, dictionaries, and mask modules.

random password generator keycode string username keygen masks masked characters dictionary customizable random password username generator

regex software

RegexBuddy by JGsoft - Just Great Software

Perfect companion for working with regular expressions. Easily create and clearly understand regex patterns. Test any regex on sample strings and files. Use the regex with automatic source code snippets. Collect regex libraries for future use.

regex regexp regular expression regular expressions grep search pattern replace split egrep pcre perl delphi java vb python learn tutorial create edit build write compose egrep fgrep wingrep windows grep

search archives software

Zipsearch by Filehunter Software

Zipsearch finds files, search zip archives, locate text, replace zip, view files, display search strings, search excel + word docs, match text. & uses dates, size, text, & 90 multiple search strings, case sensitive, stored paths, explore archives.

search archives find zip files view zip files search exe archives zip tools compress files find files search files find zip replace zip multiple search strings zipsearch finds searches replace zip view compressed extract text


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