Sub-folder Software

rename software

NameWiz by SoftByte Labs.

NameWiz will let you rename files, folders and sub-folders in any which way you want, it is also an advanced file renaming utility. Some of the files are almost impossible to be rename, but NameWiz can be further expanded using plugins so you can rename anything you like, no restrictions.

rename renaming renamer change replace sequential files file sequentially extension prefix prefixes suffix suffixes character remove folders name move copy copying wiz namewiz renamewiz namewizard

slideshow software

All Media Show by SingularitySoft

Continuous multimedia show with variable speed. Searches for all types of Video, Pictures and Audio resources in olders, sub-folders, zip files, Office (2000-03) documents like PowerPoint, Word, Excel. Formats: wmv, avi, mpg, bmp, jpeg, gif,wav, ?

slideshow media video pictures audio zip ofiice 2000 xp 2003 word excel powerpoint continuous full screen all formats variable speed wmv avi mpeg mpg wav mp3 wma bmp

backup software

Secure-IT by Thornsdale Software

Secure-IT is an intelligent backup routine that runs as a screen-saver!

backup screen saver screensaver utility security secure-it intelligent backup routine runs screen-saver

windows software

ShellSearch by Harmony Hollow Software

Find misplaced shortcuts in several of Windows most commonly used shell locations fast just by entering a few letters of their names.

windows shell search shortcuts find files folders free find misplaced shortcuts several windows common shell locations fast

scenesaver software

SceneSaver by JerMar Software Corp.

A free screen saver of twenty-two high resolution photographs of astonishingly beautiful scenes from the outdoors. Display them as a screen saver or use wallpaper mode. When you tire of SceneSaver's included images use your own!

scenesaver screen saver wallpaper changer digital photo image caption desktop windows xp security nature display beatiful included images wallpaper screen saver

document software

docUment by MH Software

docUment is designed to provide accurate and detailed information on all the files visible to your computer. A simple explorer-like interface displays the file details, including information such as version numbers, size and folder.

document files filter track manage scan search locate sort track document files monitor changes ease

outlook software

GroupCalendar by OpusFlow

calendar sharing application based on a database in a lan. Either with or without exchange server you can now get a overview of all appointments of all co-workers without the use of a external program. Just stay in outlook and go to the groupcalendar

outlook calendar group schedule share share outlook calendar others without exchange server


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