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matego software

Matego by Joustra Software

Like in chess or checkers, in Matego you also fight against an hostile army. But this time your soldiers are numbers, your weapons all four basic math operations and your goal is to destroy as fast as posible the numbers of your opponent.

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cd-rom software

CD Interface Creator by Michael Brick

CD I.C. lets you easily create professional interfaces for CDs, which support all file formats, launch programs, open media files, play sounds, show graphics, jump to web sites, browse directories, display documents, send emails and use databases.

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diary software

Diary 3000 by Harmon Technologies

Diary 3000 is a password protected diary program that gives a child a safe way to keep his/her own personal diary.

diary child diary personal journal diary 3000 password protected diary program chidren

add logo to video software

VidLogo by Geovid

Do you want to add Your or your Company Logo to any video? Use VidLogo to modify video files and add logos and video watermarks. Use animated logo or avi logo for videos like a TV sign! True Alpha in video is fuly supported.

add logo to video video logo avi logo logo video

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