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agenda software

My Agenda by Jose Falcao

My personal 'Agenda' - This is an address and phone 'agenda', with phone list, birthday listing, search all, automatic phone dialing and several options. Has suport for 3 languages, and more can be added.

agenda address phone dial languages personal agenda address phone agenda lists birthday

balanced software

The Performance Organiser by JIT Software Limited

Organisation modelling software designed to suport a number of management planning techniques. Iit is a general purpose business analysts toolkit.

balanced scorecard efqm baldrige performance management organisation modelling software

chart software

MistyChartNet by MITS

MistyChart is a Windows Form Chart component which has design time support form Microsoft Visual Studio 2002 and above. It also has extensive customization suport at run time using popup menus.

chart charting graph graphing windows form chart pie chart bar chart radar chart mistychartnet windows form chart component

screen software

Screenshot Captor by DonationCoder

Screenshot Captor is designed for grabbing lots of screenshots with minimal intervention. It has great multimon suport and unique effects like background-blurring. It includes an image explorer and unsurpassed integration with external tools.

screen capture grab screenshot screengrab screencap screencapture printscreen prtscr

internet software

Tiny Toolbar by SoftCab Inc

Small but powerful web browser tool that appears near the address bar (The box near the top of the screen where usually type web addresses to surf the Web).

internet explorer browser tool bar toolbar addon plugin button

compress software

Alpha ZIP by Alpha ZIP

Alpha ZIP is the easiest way to handle zip files and other compressed formats, offering a range of new features and a truly unique level of integration with Windows. No more complicated ZIP software. Make handling ZIP files quick and easy.

compress compression compress file compress folder extract extract files archive create archive extract archive compress and email email test archive scan archive virus check zip tar cab jar gz tar.gz lha lzh easiest zip file utility no fuss no difficulties no problems

cool software

Cool Desk by Shelltoys Inc.

Cool Desk is a virtual desktop manager. Ever wish to have several screens on your computer? Cool Desk creates up to 9 virtual desktops and allows you to have different windows in each of them.

cool desk virtual desktop manager shareware windows microsoft desktop plus goscreen enable altdesk wallpaper icon wheel

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