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galactic software

Galactic Geometry 3D by Curry K. Software

Calculate volume and surface area to blast away rocks and save your space ship! Galactic Geometry is an engaging 3D environment for learning about geometric figures and their equations. Students practice math with vivid animation and sound.

galactic geometry geometric math volume surface area middle school education educational software game learn study practice teach mental arithmetic calculate formula equation shape figure 3d space asteroid rock rectangular prism cylinder cone

rpn software

EngCalc(Automotive)- PocketPC Calculator by 3GR Technologies

90 formulae catering to Automotive Engineering. FREE !! MxCalc (worth $9.99, embedded in the program) Unit Coverter,Scientific Evaluator. FREE !! . List of Calculators.

rpn automotive mxcalc amort loan programmable calculator finance cash flow converter financial automotive engineering calculators must have engineers

bmi software

Phentermine BMI Tool by (Phentermine BMI)

BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is a widely accepted measure of obesity. This simple BMI tool will calculate your BMI and tell you your "weight status".

bmi weight loss diet simple bmi tool will calculate bmi tell weight status

structural software

ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel by South Fork Technologies, Inc.

A structural steel reference and AutoCAD drafting tool for steel construction. View dimensions and properties. Search shapes by property values. Convert shape lists between US and metric. Based on AISC Manual of Steel Construction LRFD Third Edition.

structural steel detailing dimensions design properties software reference tools construction reference information engineering fabrication fabricator drafting architecture beam column cad drawings detailing architect computer programs

geometry software

GeoPro by Pdasi

GeoPro is the next step of our application geometry. It features the following aspects: Triangles: Special triangles, Properties of Right triangles, Congruent of Right Triangle. Plane Areas: Rectangle, Trapezoids, Circle, right triangles.

geometry algebra education studies college engineering mathematics math calculus figures square triangle circle volume area

3dmath software

3DMath Explorer by

3DMath Explorer is a 3D Graph Plotting Software for Math, Science and Engineering. Features: 3D curve ploting in real time, perspective drawing, graph zooming, active graph rotation, fogging effect, cubic draw, unlimited space ploting, four view plot

3dmath 3dmath explorer math mathematics plot plotter graph grapher 2d graphs 3d graphs technical graphics engineering graphics math software graph software graphing software education software

basta software

Unios by Basta Computing, Inc.

Unios is a fast and simple unit converter with built in support for lots of units in many categories. If you need to work with units that aren''t on the list, Unios is flexible enough to let you define your own.

basta unios units converter unit conversion metric calculator measure estimate currency transform inches centimeters english hobby

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