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video software

EyeCU by JPC Software

EyeCU turns your existing PC camera into a full-featured video surveillance system. If motion is detected in the images captured by your camera EyeCU can play a sound notification, save the images, as well as send the images to any e-mail address.

video camera eyecu motion image shareware software security turns existing pc full-featured system

spy software

IIPwr Package by

Professional surveillance software that lets you spy on computers you don't have direct access to. Monitors and records activities (such as keystrokes, active applications, passwords, websites, emails, chats, etc.) then sends the data to your email.

spy keylog log monitor keystroke record key keyboard email anonymous stealth activity key logger keylogger logger keyspy topmail iipwr computer spyagent agent detect detective private eye secret secrecy pop3 smtp parental

remote surveillance software

Webcam Watchdog by Webcam Corp.

Webcam Watchdog is a powerful yet easy to use software to turn your PC into an ultimate remote surveillance machine. Webcam Watchdog provides you around-the-clock digital video recording with remote access capability.

remote surveillance webcam home security digital video digital vcr provides around-the-clock home business

alert software

Alert System (ALADIN) by Ergonomics AG

Alert System allows remote system state surveillance via e-mail or SMS messages. In critical situations your application calls the ALADIN service which posts a message to the staff currently on duty.

alert alarming warning send sending post posting sms e-mail message messaging remote control monitoring tool tool duty escalation

surveillance software

SpyPC by Xelerate Software, Inc.

SpyPC offers you rigorous access control to the internet, as well as certain parts of the PC. With SpyPC's surveillance functions, you can see what anyone really does on the PC. Plus, log keystrokes in chat rooms or make secret screenshots.

security access control spy activity control internet control desktop access totally invisible

monitor software

BizDefender by softexpress

BizDefender is a powerful monitoring and surveillance tool that is useful on all Windows platforms. BizDefender allows you to monitor and record all system keystrokes, websites visited, windows viewed, applications ran, and many others

monitor network efficiency tool useful windows platform

security software

Intech ITSleuth by Integration Technologies

A full-featured surveillance control with motion/sound-sensing, and FTP&SMTP uploads

security motion-sensing sound-sensing

security software

Eyes&Ears by Integration Technologies

A audio/video surveillance application that supports motion/sound sensing with SMTP and FTP support as well as support for our new vSwitcher 4:1 Video Switch

security ftp and smtp audio video app ftp support

system clock synchronize software

TimeRanger by Codexcel

System clock synchronization, Alarm clock, Agenda, Reminders, Time cumulator etc. are all bundled in TimeRanger. This program keeps all of your timed events under tight surveillance and alerts you when they become due. Unlimited number of events.

system clock synchronize alarm clock agenda reminders time keeper sound maker pc speaker stopwatch alert alarm play sound watch countdown full moon easter date internet time friday 13

video capture software

Studio Surveillance by Studio86Designs

Studio Surveillance is designed for use as a continuous video recording software for time-lapse video recording and CCTV surveillance applications. Motion detection allows monitoring and recording of movement within an area.

video capture cctv time-lapse surveillance monitoring motion detection recording software detection


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