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file software

Power File Gold by Canyon Software

Powerful filemanger, Explorer replacement. Zip manager, Copies, moves, deletes files from multiple directories or drives. Complete FTP client upload and download from the internet. File preview displays the contents of word processing, graphics

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ftp software

FTP Commander Pro by InternetSoft Corporation

FTP Commander Pro is simple and easy to use. It offers a no-nonsense interface consisting of two side-by-side local computer and FTP server panels.

ftp ftp client ftp software ftp program upload download transfer command navigator server resume website transfer files ease using powerful ftp client

directory synchronize software

DirSync Directory Synchronizer by Archersoft Inc.

DirSync is a tool designed to synchronize folder/directory. It supports bi-directional synchronize, scheduling, logging, simulating, file/folder filtering and path variable etc. The synchronization is based on the policy to copy only different files.

directory synchronize folder synchronize file synchronize bi-directional synchronize backup synchronize synchronize directories folders support bi-directional synchronization

directory software

AJC Directory Synchronizer by AJC Software

This is a very powerful, yet easy to use directory compare and synchronize program. Perfect for synchronizing large numbers of files between PC's. Ideal for programmers, documenters etc and a very easy laptop sync or backup solution.

directory folder file compare synchronise synchronize diff compare folders compare directories compare files synchronize folders synchronize directories directory compare synchronize


EF Commander by EFSoftware

File manager, features include: multitasking, drag and drop, packer support, internal viewers, fast FTP client, customized layout, command-bar with history, disk operations, multilingual support, internal editor and HEX editor, and much more...

efsoftware efcw commander shell tool utility file manager norton explorer replacement ftp packer ef commander-file manager archiver viewer ftp-client windows desktop

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