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backup software

Active Backup Expert by OrionSoftLab

An easily mastered tool maintains backups of files in the .zip format on hard and removable disks, in a LAN or WAN. Use import and export features to synchronize folders on two PCs. Other features include support for Command-line, SFX-backups.

backup synchronize copy protect store zip folder drive lock removable media exchange smart fast quick keep

synchronize software

SynchroFolder by Sergey Merzlikin

Synchronizes contents of operating system folders. Supports synchronization of files, attributes and NTFS security attribures of files and folders.

synchronize ntfs security folder directory copy synchronizer os folders embedded ntfs security support

twin folders software

Twin Folders by Dmitry G. Kozhinov

Twin Folders is a file and folder synchronization utility. If you are working on two different computers, then you need to keep your work files up-to-date at both of them. Twin Folders will keep your files syncronized.

twin folders folder directory folders directories synchronization backup sync synchronizer synchronize synchronize files synchronize folders sunchronize directories sync files sync folders sync directories backup software

directory software

AJC Directory Synchronizer by AJC Software

This is a very powerful, yet easy to use directory compare and synchronize program. Perfect for synchronizing large numbers of files between PC's. Ideal for programmers, documenters etc and a very easy laptop sync or backup solution.

directory folder compare synchronise synchronize diff compare folders compare directories compare files synchronize folders synchronize directories directory compare synchronize

backup software

FolderWatch by Diginaut Ltd.

Unlike other backup program that will run only on demand or at defined schedule, Folder Watch guards your files all the time.

backup copy safe-copy folder sync synchronization automatic backup make backups synchronize folders real time

ftp software

WebMaster FTP by ZZEE

FTP program designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX-like hosts. It has some unique features like automatic setting of the correct file permissions, Explorer-style left folder tree, UNIX special file support and more.

ftp webmaster utility client program programme shareware zzee server site management transfer unix linux bsd apache

email software

QSynchronization by QUESTER

QSynchronization synchronizes the MS Outlook data of your notebook`s and/or Home PC`s with the central MS Outlook data.

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