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anti spyware software

Free Spyware Adware Scanner and Remover by Clean PC Software

A spyware, malware and adware detection, removal, and prevention internet system security shield. Advanced features include instant kill and blocking. Free software trial version available to download

anti spyware detection prevention spyware adware malware anti-spy clean tracks detect spyware scan shield advanced removal shielding application

password software

1st Security Agent Pro by Ixis Ltd

1st Security Agent Pro is a professional password-protected system security utility to secure Windows PC and restrict access to its key features. restrict access to Control Panel functions, hide local and network drives, disable the DOS prompt, boot

password security administrator access control protect privacy restrict lock screen free download professional password-protected utility secure windows pc

the lock xp software

The Lock XP by CrashCourse Software

Provides user access, Internet and system security for any computer running Windows 98 to Windows XP. All user security is group based, and configurable by the Master Administrator, and any members of the Administrators group. Password Monitoring.

the lock xp the lock 2002 thelock logon security user security access control secure windows desktop protection provides complete windows

trojan software

Trojan Ender by Security Defence

Trojan Ender is a trojan horse remover and system security manager. Its believed that It should become your good assistant for ensure the network secure.

trojan ender remover cleaner clean trojan horse system repairing ie view net process state

antispy software

SecuritySkillz PC SystemGaurd by SecuritySkillz Software Labs

World's most advanced & powerful system security software of its type. In just a few mouse-clicks, even your kid can provide total freedom for your PC, from hackers, trojans, keyloggers, spying programs, all hidden & malicious stealth programs!!

antispy antikeylogger password hackers trojans keyloggers spying hidden malicious stealth military hacking spouse spy registry startup backup delete manager business company

anti trojan software

Anti Trojan Elite by ISecSoft Inc.

Anti Trojan Elite is a trojan horse remover and system security manager.IE repairer;Network/Process/service management;Registry protector;System optimization.

anti trojan trojan remover anti trojan elite kill trojan clean trojan scan trojan remove spyware spyware remover kill spyware clean spyware scan spyware scan virus virus scan trojan detect pc protect pc guard network security anti elite

anti spy software

Spy Killer by Maxion Software

A spy software, spyware, and adware detection, removal, and prevention internet system security shield. Spy Killer's advanced features include stealth and immunization. Free software trial version available to download now.

anti spy software spy software block software

iis security software

GeoBlock by Tometa Software, Inc.

Filters web-server traffic by selected locations. Leave bandwidth for real users and make your servers run faster. GeoBlock gateway security addresses risks with public systems, increases productivity, and reduces system security & operations cost

iis security iis add in geoip location geolocation geo-location geo hacked fraud traffic traffic analysis high availability fault tolerance intrusion detection intrusion prevention

cyber cafe management software

Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition) by N'Liven Technologies

Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition) is a freeware desktop utility for system administration, internet billing, Web site blocking & filtering. It can be used for a variety of purposes and places like internet cafes, gaming centres, homes, offices etc.

cyber cafe management software internet kiosk software internet cafe software cyber management software internet timer system tools system utilities web site blocking internet timer utility

securitycheck software

Security Check by Moon Valley Software

SecurityCheck the most common security vulnerabilities Get corrective recommendations and easy remedies for Windows systems Unset or blank passwords for user and Administrative accounts Enabled Guest Account Unencrypted Wireless Network Shared Folder

securitycheck security settings system check system vulnerabilities system corrections secure computer


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