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smart software

Smart Bro by Bassam A. Jarad

Smart Bro was built on the Internet Explorer technology. has many options1. MDI Interface. 2. Tab controller 3 Simple interface. 4. Minimize to SysTray with password protection 5. Auto-Save for documents 6. Auto History clean up 7. Popup killer.

smart bro tabs mdi tray password clean history search groups internet help navigator evaluation restriction browse site address download smart bro built web explorer technology

hide windows software

ATS Warning! The Boss! by Api Tuan Software

Avoid others seeing data in your PC (message programs, bank account numbers, photographs unsuitable for children) hiding the windows, the icons in the systray, the icons in the desktop and silencing your PC. English and Spanish

hide windows hide icons in desktop hide icons in the system tray mute sound card arrange windows in cascade arrange windows in tile hides windows icons desktop icons silences sound

ram software

AbpMon by Igor Arsenin

AbpMon v.2.0 for Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP can "Free RAM" on demand, Different Alerts, Reboot, Restart, Shutdown System. It graphically shows in real time most popular system wide information about Windows in compact resizable Bar window and SysTray Icon.

ram file swap dial up vpn monitor windows nt 95 98 2000 xp reboot restart free free ram taskbar bar alert

email software

PEN - Pennock's Email Notifier by Cliff Pennock

PEN is an easy to use, easy to setup Email Notifier that sits in your SysTray and pops up a small non-intrusive window and/or play a sound whenever new email arrives in your mailbox. It supports POP3 as well as Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Lycos and

email notifier notification pop pop3 hotmail msn yahoo lycos email-com mail-com webmail mozilla outlook utility tool popup sound mail message messages

video software

VideoThumb by SadhuSystems

View any webcam/WDM video source in a small thumb-sized window above your systray. Specify width/height/position with shortcut (e.g.: "VideoThumb.exe" 320 240 100 300)

video webcam small video video utilities view webcam wdm video source small thumb-sized window

tools - shell extensions software


SysTrayX: - helps you hide some of the less used icons from the system tray; - provides recovery for those icons if anything happens to the system tray; - SysTrayX can also keep the tray icons sorted in a constant order.

tools - shell extensions system tray enhancers system tray enhancer manager crash recovery

system tray software

Intech SysTrayOCX by Integration Technologies

An ActiveX control to support SysTray icons and events.

system tray ocx activex activex control support icons events

todo software

A Personal ToDo List by BPSoftware-Colorado

A Personal ToDo List is a simple but useful program for keeping a list of necessary Tasks to do at hand with an optionally set overdue list. Four different reports can be printed, it can be minimized to the systray, skins can be changed.

todo pim task tasks personal todo list necessary tasks overdue list skin changes

encrypt software

ISequre for Windows by BG Universal Software

ISequre is a security software application that enables you and your friends or co-workers to exchange encrypted ICQ messages. ISequre works transparently and does not add any new interface elements except its icon on the systray.

encrypt icq isequre secure security encryption isqre iseq cryptography sicq chat encrypts messages icq instant messenger blowfish algorithm

record software

Silent-Bob basic by Trippler und Schimanski GbR

Silent Bob masters flexible pre-recording in the background, minimizing in systray, skin-based user interface and file name generation for quick and troublefree saving of the recorded wav-files.

record cd audio music


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