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javascript software

dhtmlxTabbar :: Ajax Tabs Control by DHTMLX Ltd.

Cross-browser JavaScript Tab Bar with rich API and dynamical data loading via AJAX. The control supports tabs scrolling, multi-row and nested tabs, and customizable layouts (top, bottom, right and left). Various predefined skins are available.

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avant software

Avant Browser by Anderson Che

Avant Browser is a fast stable multi-window browser with Popup Stopper, Cleaner and Google Search. Avant Browser allows user to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously and block all unwanted pop-up pages and Flash ads.

avant ie opera web explorer alternative browser google popup stopper download filter cleaner multi window fast multi-window browser popup stopper cleaner flash ads filter

pad 4-0 software

Pad by Hesky-Data Software

Pad is the world's first powerful text and HTML editor to include both an image viewer and a word processing function. The new text editor provides syntax highlighting, unlimited undo and a powerful search and replace engine with regular expressions.

pad 4-0 pad pad 3-0 hesky-data software editor viewer editor and viewer text editor image viewer word processor html editor notepad notes html html-editor download image text wordpad images edit alter easy

reports software

FastReport VCL by Fast Reports, Inc.

Full source code, royalty-free! FastReport provides all the tools you need to develop reports, including a report engine, report designer, previewer, dialog designer, and Pascal-like macro language interpreter. Can be installed in Delphi 2-7, CB1-6

reports designer generators tools cross-tab bar codes printing delphi c++builder components libraries reporting utility component consists report engine designer preview

notes software

InfoWonder by LeerSoft, L.L.C.

InfoWonder is an advanced PIM for many different types of information: formatted notes, voice/audio "notes", web pages, images, and custom forms. Features: reminders, text search, spell checker, backup, advanced search, import/export, and much more.

notes pim organizer reminder forms recording

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