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organizer software

Total Organizer by Konrad Papala

Organizer is a Personal Information Manager, allowing you to store your tasks, todos, contacts and notes divided into tags (folders). Windows XP.

calendar todo list organizer contact manager

cookie software

Cookie Crusher by The Limit Software, Inc.

Many Web sites place electronic tags -- called cookies -- on your computer. Cookie Crusher® acts as a real-time cookie manager giving you complete control over cookies and your privacy.

preferences cookie user real-time controls selectively profiles

mp3 tag editor software

Ultra Tag Editor by Atelio Software

Organize music file collections, properly label each file and get assistance in preparing mp3 and ogg files for subsequent CD burning with Ultra Tag Editor. It generates tags from file names, renames files based on tag information and supports CDDB!

mp3 tag editor id3v1 tag editor mp3 collection mp3 renamer mp3 tagger id3 tag editor

rfid software

IDAutomation RFID Component Encoder by, Inc.

The IDAutomation RFID Component is a DLL that enables easy printing of barcodes and encoding of RFID smart labels and tags at the same time from custom .NET software applications. Supports the EPC UHF GEN 2 specification for Electronic Product Code.

uhf smart tags rfid epc gen 2 smart labels .net

ogg software

WinVorbis by

Ogg Vorbis comment editor, encoder & decoder. WinVorbis makes it easy to encode, enter and maintain tags for a whole CD. Features include: filename scanning; file rename templates; re-encode without loosing comments; alphabetical case conversion.

aiff ape vorbis wav ogg comment editor

tag software

Mp3Baser by Andrew Gavrikov

useful browser (processing subdirectories, adding playlists); tag editor (ID3v2 support); write/change tags for all listed files; create Excel, ASCII tables, playlists, annotations; rename files using tag fields; searching text in tags

editor music annotation mp3 base table find

cue file splitter software

CUE Splitter by Enfis The Paladin

It splits a single big CUE / MP3 file, created with programs like CDRWin or similar, in a series of MP3 files everyone with the length specified in the CUE file. Informations from the CUE are used to fill IDv1 tags and to generate MP3 file names.

cue split cue/mp3 splitter cue file splitter cue/mp3 file split cue/mp3 file splitter cue file split cue splitter

meta tags software

AffiliateHQ Meta Tag Wizard by Affiliate HeadQuarters

The biggest mistake of any webmaster is not being search engine friendly. This robust free program will create all your Meta Tags in seconds. Just tell the program about your website and it will do all the work for you! No HTML experience required.

html tags traffic meta tags categorize web page search page search engines

tiff software

tifftags by AB Software

Read the tags within a header of any single or multipage tiff file: Explaining the meaning of each tag and byte order. Current > 200 tag names added. Pointer to file position of the tag. Editing of asccii tags possible. Printing of tag report poss

tag report added pointer tag names names added usefull gt 200

bulk mail software

Secret Barcoder Ring Postal Barcoder (Win) by Postage $aver Software

Creates postal barcodes for bulk mail and business reply. Also creates barcoded tray/sack tags for bulk mailing. Print barcodes one at a time, or add barcodes to an entire file. Free barcode printer font for registered users.

free barcode digit zip bulk mail barcode printer adds ascii text files


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