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keylogger software

Advanced SpyMyPC Keylogger by Benutec Software, INC

Advanced SpyMyPC Keylogger logs all keystrokes, applications and Websites visited on a computer. You can receive reports via e-mail. An easy and cost-effective way to monitor your kid''s or employee activities.

key logger keystroke recorder keylogger password grabber keystroke logger password recorder

virus software

AnVir Virus Destroyer by AnVir Software

Antivirus tool that protects computer against viruses, cures infected computer, manages startup files and running processes (processor and memory usage), speeds up Windows boot time and increases computer performance by disabling useless programs.

computer antivirus manages viruses protects protect terminate

project manager software

Project Manager for Excel by DJI Computer Solutions

Project Manager for Excel is an application for Microsoft Excel that simplifies project management by providing a prioritized to do list with date tracking, built in scheduled reminders, Gantt charts and a host of project management features.

reminder task management excel alarm project manager schedule gantt

usbhive software

USBhive by Bitcor, LLC

USBhive is a Personal Information Manager designed to run on a USB drive or Pen drive. Some people have called it a Faceless PocketPc or a Poor Man's PocketPc

contacts information usbhive information manager manager personal designed

utility software

End Task Pro by Asynchrony Software, Inc.

Get control over all running processes and open windows. Increase processes performance. monitor your CPU and Mem usage in a Trackerbar. Retrieve vital information about your Internet connection. In addition to lots of wonderful tools and features!

open windows asynchrony markets finished software taskbar shareware application cpu usage

system software

Super System Helper by igoodsoft

The perfect complement to firewalls and anti-virus software.Super System Helper gives you complete control over all running processes and block any application.Keep out viruses, Trojans, and dangerous or poor-quality software from your computer.

tool secure bho complete dll system utilitie md5

prioritized to-do list software

A VIP Simple To Do List by VIP Quality Software Ltd

VIP Simple To Do List is an easy tool for planning of your daily life. The program lets everyone who wants to stop wasting time and bring life in order quickly manage everyday tasks with help of prioritized to-do list.

home task manager notes prioritized todo list list of tasks prioritized to-do list reminder

privacy software

XQik! for Windows by Guiding Star Developers

Don''t Get Caught! XQik! will close those multiple adult browser windows FAST, keeping your activities from view! No more proliferating windows when you click the X, no more unresponsive stuck open or reappearing windows! Close them ALL with one key!

secrecy browser utility security privacy parental filter secrecy

monitor software

SpyPal 2007 by Thinkertec

SpyPal secrectly logs keystrokes, screenshots, websites visited, windows opened, applications, MSN IM, ICQ, AIM,Yahoo! IM, Skype, clipboard, passwords, emails, documents and more. Set hotkey and password. Auto send logs to a preset email.

windows opened windows task manager catching a cheating spouse windows messenger opened applications messenger icq

events reminder software

Events Manager by

Organize your events with reminder. Updates: - autorun with Windows - run only one copy - pick date with mouse on a calendar - show event hint on mouse move - events have 2 colors (active - green, done - red) - some bugs fix

green running autorun mouse move events bugs running blue reminder


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