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disk software

DustBuster by Casper&McAlba

DustBuster is a garbage file removing utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It searches for junk files and temp files that are of no use and are just taking space on your hard drive

disk cleaner windows dustbuster casper file space dustbuster garbage file removing utility operating systems

pc activity monitoring software

PC Tattletale Parental Control & Surveillance Software by Cyber Samurai Marketing, Inc.

New parental control & internet monitoring software makes it easy to record everything your child does and helps to protect them when they go online. Hidden recording of Instant Messages, Web Sites, Keystrokes and Video

pc activity monitoring parental control software security & privacy covert surveillance pc monitoring internet safety internet monitoring software keylogging pc surveillance parenting surveillance software key logger internet security monitoring chat amazing new parental control monitors everything child does online

smartboard software

X2Net SmartBoard by X2Net Limited

X2Net SmartBoard is a powerful multi-user clipboard extender. It captures everything that passes through the clipboard as you copy/paste in all applications, stores regularly used data, and allows you to share the clip items around your network.

smartboard clipboard cut copy paste spell script perl vbscript jscript javascript powerful multi-user feature-packed scriptable easy clipboard extender

utility software

dfg AtomicTimeSync XP by d.f.g

The program is a Time Synchronization Utility to synchronize your PC via the internet. It supports the 12 and 24 hours time format as well as all time zones. You can define an individual time offset and it works through Firewalls and proxy servers.

utility synchronization startup start clock timer time synchronisation atomic program atomic time synchronization utility synchronize pc

football software

DeltaLogic Original Pack by Zeorn Entertainment

DeltaLogic Original Pack is a set of board games including REVERSI, RENJU, FOOTBALL. It has a very nice design, suitable interface, strong AI, and number of game abilities. Each game included in DeltaLogic Original Pack has an interactive tutorial.

football reversi othello renju tictactoe board logic dl original pack set board games including reversi renju football

.net software

9Rays.Net TreeView for ASP.NET by 9Rays.Net

9Rays TreeView for ASP.NET (FlyTreeView) is a treeview control. ASP.NET treeview control features .net DataBinding, full viewstate support, highly customizable styles and behaviors, load-on-demand, checkboxes, client object model, context menu.

.net asp.net controls components treeview c# vb.net treeview asp net viewstate client model load-on-demand ado net

.net software

FlyTreeView for ASP.NET by 9Rays.Net

FlyTreeView for ASP.NET is a dynamic treeview control. Native ASP.NET control, features visual designers, native .net DataBinding, full viewstate support, highly customizable styles and behaviors, load-on-demand, checkboxes, multiple postback events.

.net asp.net controls components treeview c# vb.net dynamic treeview asp net featuring load-on-demand full viewstate support

hacky sack software

The Hacky Sack Game by Oak Entertainment

The Hacky Sack Game challenges your ability to think and respond quickly as you become the world's ultimate hacky sack champion. Choose from multiple characters, levels, and footbags to win trophies, experience, and abilities.

hacky sack footbag sports directx 3d shareware hack ball bag foot kick 3d hacky sack pc 3 unique modes play

infiltrator software

Infiltrator Network Security Scanner by Infiltration Systems

Infiltrator is an intuitive network security scanner that can quickly audit computers for vulnerabilities, security holes and exploits, and information enumerations. Infiltrator can reveal security holes and alert the user.

infiltrator network scanner network auditing security network auditing infiltrator powerful network security scanning auditing suite

mailwall software

Mailwall by Omniquad Ltd

Intercepts all e-mail messages on your network, disassembles them and looks for undesired/illicit content and threats in them: SPAM exploits, macro viruses and malicious HTML code.

mailwall anti spam spam killer mail policy filter smtp mailserver mailwall removes types e-mail threats before they affect network


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