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Connection by Team Taylor Made

Lay down pipes before water starts flowing and try to make it reach the drain. This a real brain teaser and additive game. Well, the aim of the game is to use various pipe fittings available in order to construct a pipe line from the water source to

connect puzzle think arcade plumbing pipes taylor kid child adult quick lay down pipes before water starts flowing try make reach drain

puzzle software

Puzzle Mania Pro by Progwhiz

The old brain teaser is back with a new twist. This encorporates AI technology to provide hints or may even solve the puzzle before your eyes. In essence training the user to understand the logic by which they can solve.

puzzle ai pic jigsaw solve brain puzzle game human intelligence

autoplay software

Stardust AutoPlay Engine by Stardust Software

Stardust AutoPlay Engine 1.4 lets you create small, fast-loading autoplay teasers for your CD products, that will work on all end-user systems. The runtime engine is royalty-free and can be distributed with all your CD products.

autoplay cd startup cdrom create small fast-loading autoplay teasers cd products

clever boxman software

Clever BoxMan by 8848soft inc.

Clever Box Man is a fun logic and strategy puzzle board game, it's a brain teaser featuring the clever porter Box Man, it has beautiful sceneries, orphan background music and sound.

clever boxman boxman download game boxman kid game of boxman boxman game puzzle puzzle game online logic puzzle game boxman puzzle game boxman education game of boxman online board game clever box man fun logic strategy puzzle board game

personal finance software

Variable Rate Mortgage + by Bent Tree Software

Confused about ""Teaser Rates"", maximum annual interest rate increases and maximum interest rate for the term of the loan? This program is a version of a variable rate mortgage loan.

personal finance mortgage loan amortization compare loans software shareware variable rate program version variable rate mortgage loan schedule

puzzle software

Oktagon by AHA! Software Inc.

Oktagon is two separate puzzles. In one, from our shareware game "Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine", you must rearrange a set of irregular shapes to form an octagon. In the other, you must correctly orient six linked, nested octagonal rings.

puzzle brain-teaser brainteaser logic free aha familygames 1 but 2 octagonal puzzles

develop software

Brainers by PedagoNet

develop logic problem solving skills schools teachers students brain teasers

mystery software

Mystery Photos Book 1 by Cottonwood Software

See if you can identify the 50 mystery photos. Step through the photos one at a time or ise the index to start anywhere. Check the answer when you're ready (but don't spoil it!). Great for families and schools.

mystery photos puzzles brain teasers eyeball benders see identify 50 mystery photos answers included

game software

Align It! by Digital42

Try to survive as long as possible by aligning five or more balls of the same color into a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. This highly addictive game is easy to learn, but hard to master. Plus - an optional Internet gaming mode is included.

game shareware lines mind puzzle logic board free download solitaire mahjongg tetris thinking brain teaser align colored balls brain-busting puzzle game

autorun software

AUTOption by Pollen Software

AUTOption is software to enable users to create professional autorun CD menus with minimal time and effort. To make a menu the user has the option of using a step by step wizard or using the menu editor where results are previewed immediately.

autorun autoplay autostart cd cdr html cd-rom menu automation auto-run auto-play autoinsert notification software shareware demo demonstration utilities central flash screen cd-r cd-rw launcher


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