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centralino software

VoiSpeed Server by Nolden edv Anwendungen

VoiSpeed is a software solution that lets you build complete telephone networks over LANs and realize Internet telephony, CRM and Call Center applications, integrating itself with databases and managerial softwares.

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kids software

A1 HangWord by Caltrox Educational Software

A wonderful FREE program for Kids to learn English Word Building. A1 HangWord is a Hang Man type game for teaching children English Words and Spelling.

kids childrens english words vocabulary kids child childrens educational learning study student school great hang-man type word-builder game kids free

painting software

Professor Franklins Instant Photo Effects by Streetwise Software

Turn any picture into a high-powered image - absolutely no experience needed! Simply select a category and browse previews of your photo with thousands of professional photo effects. Hundreds of dollars worth of effects!

painting picture photos effects painting program turn picture high-powered image

flash software

GetFlash by Superhunter

GetFlash is the tool software to help you save and manage the flash animations(*.swf files) in web browses. It is very easy to save all flash from web browse, includes Flash game, Flash card, Flash MTV and so on

flash download animation play vcd moive save manage flash animations * swf files internet browses

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